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X-Men: First Class was pretty good, but there was definitely one thing missing. That's right, Wolverine. We got a simple expletive filled cameo, but I'm sure we wanted more. It looks like 's X-Men: Days Of Future Past will do just that.

In a recent interview with Empire, gave the lowdown on what we can expect from Wolverine. Firstly he explained just how great the 1970s setting will be. He said:

I'm excited about my costumes, which are [frick]ing awesome. He's on his way to becoming Patrick Stewart, but he's not quite there yet. The '70s costumes are hilarious , they're quite psychedelic, which is great.

He then told us what it was like to work beside :

Hugh's got a big part. You throw Hugh Jackman in there and he comes with so much rage. I'm really looking forward to working with him. He'd better [frick]ing bring it. I'm excited to work with McKellen too.

Now, this is rather interesting. In the original comics it is 's Kitty Pryde who does most of the time travelling. However, we know Page's involvement in Days of Future Past was wrapped in only a few days. Has her time jumping storyline been passed across to Wolverine? We've certainly seen him beside the 1970s X-Men, but could he also be heading into the future to take the fight to the Sentinels?

And what about James McAvoy saying he's excited to work beside ? McAvoy has previously stated that Professor X wouldn't be meeting with his future self (), but his quote would seem to suggest he does share a scene with McKellen. Will Professor X also be travelling through time?

McAvoy did hint that the story between Magneto and Professor X would also feature prominently in Days of Future Past. He stated:

It's working off what we set up in the first 'new' one. The relationship between Charles and Erik is being explored in the future and in the past.

Hmm, a meeting between the past Charles Xavier and the future Magento would certainly give us a pretty interesting scene, would't you agree?

What do you think? Would you be glad to see wolverine take over from Kitty Pryde, or should the film stick to the comics? Let me know below.


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