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After 17 years, Hugh Jackman's time as Wolverine is coming to an end in March with Logan. The good news is that Fox may be setting up a successor in the form of Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X-23 (Dafne Keen).

X-23 may be new to most fans of the movies, but she's been slicing and dicing in the comics from quite some time now, eventually taking over the mantle of Wolverine from Logan. Let's take a look at what could be on the horizon for X-23 in the future of the mutant universe, if Fox decides that she'll be a recurring character.

She'll Travel Back To Deadpool's Time

[Credit: Marvel]
[Credit: Marvel]

Logan takes place in 2029, after the events of any previous X-Men movie. Xavier tells Logan in the trailer that Laura is only 11 years old. So, if X-23 remains in the franchise, there are only two possibilities:

  • She'll keep growing up in the bleak future.
  • She'll somehow travel back to the past.

It may be no coincidence that Cable—who travels through time as often as most of us brush our teeth—is appearing in Deadpool 2, which will lead into an X-Force movie. And that's because...

She'll Join The X-Men Or X-Force

[Credit: Marvel]
[Credit: Marvel]

Honestly, would any X-Men film really feel like one without a Wolverine? The only movie besides Deadpool to do extremely well without Hugh Jackman headlining was First Class, and he did cameo:

Now, First Class succeeded—first and foremost—because it was an excellent story and a fresh take on familiar characters. So, whichever team movie Fox promotes next, it should definitely include X-23 in a starring role. She's already a fan-favorite, and that's only with two trailers!

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She'll Fight In Her Personal Clone War

Early in Tom Taylor's immaculate run on All-New Wolverine, he introduced a variety of X-23 clones, bringing in an Orphan Black dilemma. Laura will have to take a nice, long, hard look at who she really is by fighting different versions of herself. If handled by a talented team of writers and directors, then this could give a whole new meaning to self-reflection. And it could just be a wicked good time seeing X-23 try to slash her way through others with the same powers.

She'll Wear The Damn Costume

For whatever reason, Fox has decided that Wolvie's iconic costume isn't good enough for Hugh Jackman. Maybe they think we couldn't take him seriously wearing it...but maybe it just doesn't look right on a guy?

Fans spend a ridiculous amount of money on tickets every year, so a little fan-service regarding one of the most iconic costumes in comic book history would be met with applause! And X-Men: Apocalypse introduced the comic book uniforms, so why not Wolvie's too?

With Laura Kinney, Fox has a hero worthy of replacing Logan. By introducing his successor in Hugh's Jackman's last mutant movie, and then bringing her back to a past when the X-Men still existed, it would open up so many possibilities — and we'd still have a Wolverine as the glue that holds the X-films together.

Logan opens on March 3, 2017.

Do you think X-23 deserves a shot beyond Logan? What stories would you love to see? Let us know in the comments!


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