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There's no doubting that is sci-fi legend. The guy starred in seven Star Trek movies and about a million episodes (give or take a couple) of the show. He's also not afraid to say exactly what he thinks, so when he talks you should listen. At a recent press junket for his latest movie, Escape from Planet Earth, Shatner was asked for his thoughts on taking on the two biggest sci-fi franchises in the entire galaxy, Star Wars and Star Trek. His response is scathing, funny and ever-so-slightly bitchy.

Check it out:

(via MovieFanatic)

You go Shatner! I'm not sure I buy his argument that Abrams is being a "pig", although I do like the image of him consciously collecting sci-fi franchises like some evil inter-galactic overlord who sits in his built-to-scale Millenium Falcon, stroking a mutated Ewok and laughing maniacally to himself. Watch out Battlestar Galactica, you could be next!

It's refreshing to get an honest and heartfelt answer from a movie star. On so many occasions a Hollywood interview results in inoffensive, anodyne soundbites, where nothing controversial (or interesting) is said and everybody expresses there "love" and "respect" for everybody in the business. You might not agree with what Shatner has to say, but I like the way he says it.

What's more troubling for me though, is if Shatner regards Abrams as a friend, what the hell does he say about his enemies?

If there's one thing we've learned from this episode, it's that if you don't offer Shatner a part in one of your sci-fi franchise movies, he takes it personally. Very, very personally.

Do you agree with Shatner that Abrams has "gone too far this time" and shouldn't be responsible for two huge sci-fi properties? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.


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