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When we say the Willow Blu-ray reminds us of more innocent days, we mean of course the time where most sci-fi or fantasy films either stole shamlessly from Star Wars or Tolkien's The Lords of the Rings books, or in some rare, beautiful cases from both (yep, looking at you Krull).

's Willow is one of the classier examples of the Lord of the Rings rip-offs. The impending arrival of the Blu-ray bestowed upon us this little clip here, which showcases the clarity of that little blue disc, which the author of these lines intends to own rather soon.

Having this opportunity let me list quickly why I do love Willow (there, I said it):

  • It features 's best performance period (yes, I have seen The Doors, and yes, Top Gun comes close second)! The actor plays the boisterous swordsman Madmardigan and it’s a joy to behold.

  • I had a huuuuuuge crush on (-Kilmer, for a short time). The actress stars as Sorsha, the daughter of the evil Queen Bavmorda (what a name!) and her love story with Madmardigan is still the romance against which every single one of my (obviously doomed) relationships is measured...

  • James Horner's score easily out-Williams John Williams.

  • It's tight, well-edited and never boring. Can you say the same of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey?

  • Now, if someone may release the Blue Ray of Krull, I die a happy man…


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