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Turns out we're not the only ones with girl-crushes on the Twilight and Hunger Games stars! 90s Beetlejuice icon had her fair share of media exposure thanks to her blockbuster roles and high profile relationships - but she thinks she had it easy compared to the stars of today!

In a recent interview with V Magazine, Winona talked of her love and support for Hollywood's inheritors of her indie starlet status - the young and talented women including and . She revealed that:

I was recently asked about Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence. In answering I was very genuine, and I did say that I thought they were both incredibly talented. But I mentioned something about their privacy and how my heart goes out to them, and the feedback I got was like, HOW DARE SHE! It's just another example of something be taking out of context, the interpretation was that I pitied them or something... But these are great actresses! I don't know what they think of me. I would never give advice because I would feel very presumptuous. Their success is very different than mine was, and it's a different time.

What do you think about Winona's words? Is she mistaken about what "great actress" means? Or do you agree that KStew and JLaw are two of Hollywood's best actors around? Sound off in the comments.



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