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The penultimate 'Red Wedding' episode of last season's Game of Thrones was kind of like the first Mission Impossible film with , when you got introduced to what you thought were all the main characters, only to have them killed off twenty minutes into the film in an explosion, leaving you to think, "Well, okay then."

But the movie soldiered on, introducing us to new characters and integrating their stories into the movie in a way that made it feel as if we weren't missing anything. GoT is facing a similar challenge, with a slew of major characters being killed off in the wedding-turned-bloodbath, prompting fans to speculate that the show may be facing a shortened run.

But have no fear, says HBO Programming Chief Michael Lombardo, promising that the show will continue "as long as there are stories to tell." In fact, during the recent TV Critic's Tour, he made a point to say the producers haven't even started thinking about the end of the show, and are instead focused on gearing up for the intense fourth season.

It certainly doesn't appear to be slowing down, with producers officially announcing last week veteran actor would be stepping into the major role of Mace Tyrell, father of Loras () and Margaery (). It was also announced would be joining the cast, though his role remains secret. However, he's reportedly filming scenes in Iceland, which is where the scenes taking place beyond the Wall are usually shot. More casting announcements are sure to be made in the future, but with over 200 days left before the Season 4 premiere, show execs are taking their sweet time doling out the information. Winter might be coming, but it sure isn't coming any time soon.

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