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Our Creative team was given free reign to come up with exciting ways to share their anticipation for Wish I Was Here with Moviepilot users and fans across the web. They had just 48 hours to create fun, shareable content that would engage users, start conversations and promote virality. Below are the fruits of their labors, including listicles, Facebook-specific content and editorials. Of course these ideas are just drafts, if we worked together we could collaborate and iterate on content creation...

Listicles and Editorials

We created engaging articles that resonate with the sentiment of the movie while entertaining the reader:

6 Times Zach Braff Was Making The Movie Of My Life >

11 Smart Parenting Hacks To Make Life Easier! >

10 Inspirational Movie Moms That Make Us Up Our Game >

And playing on Zach Braff and Donald Faison's long-term bromance:

9 Times Zach Braff & Donald Faison Made Sweet Bro Love in Public >

Our team had way more ideas about shareable content:

  • 5 Times Your Kids Turned Your Life Into A Movie
  • 12 Things Your Kids Take You To School On
  • What Your Kids Say vs What They Mean
  • 9 Times Your Kids Knew More About Life Than You
  • 10 Things You Never Thought You'd Do Until You Had Kids
  • 5 Delicious Movie Feasts You Can Make For $10
  • 10 Family Holidays You Can Take In Your Own Home
  • 10 House Rules Your Parents Will Always Break

Wish I Was Here takes over Facebook

WIWH takes over our the Facebook page which has over 4.8 million Likes. With a custom cover photo and profile picture users will be reminded of WIWH each time they come to our page or see our stories in their Newsfeed.


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