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There are three different ways to interpret this rumor... and yes, it's most certainly a rumor at this stage. You could interpret it as a director misunderstanding a franchise he knows little about; you could interpret it as a director teasing his star OR you could interpret it as a mega-spoiler for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

who wowed audiences (myself excepted) in last year's Chronicle has already been cast in the super-sequel as the new ying to 's yang. Dehaan will play Harry Osborn, son of Oscorp CEO Norman Osborn, school friend of Garfield's Peter Parker and eventual Spider botherer. It's a great arc in the comics and fans of spidey will remember it being explored somewhat in 's -led franchise, but never fully given its movie to grow into something. It seems with this casting, the producers have confirmed at least a revisit to the arc that has come to define the spider-franchise to a certain degree.

Except... it seems that the producers might be leaning towards a new twist on an old favorite for Part 2.

It seems that The Green Goblin's role will be filled by Dehaan's Harry Osborn. Not, as depicted in the comics, his father. It contradicts the comics and also follows on a bit of foreshadowing in the previous movie (Osborn Sr. was never seen, but was supposedly suffering from a terminal illness, one that might inspire him to develop a technology to survive it) and could totally be a terrible movie. It could also be a great idea. We've seen the comic book story played out in Raimi's movies, why not add a fresh twist to it?

The evidence for this outlandish claim? Once again, the esteemed folks over at Hitfix seem to have found themselves a scoop while reporting on the premiere of Kill Your Darlings, directed by .

Hitfix claims:

Krokidas introduced the cast of Darling which includes Daniel Radcliffe, Ben Foster and Michael C. Hall. When he got to DeHaan he said "He's the Green Goblin." DeHaan just smiled, but it didn't seem like Krokidas was kidding.

Woah. We all know that EVENTUALLY young Harry would take up the mantle of his fallen father and attempt to take on Spider-man himself, but we didn't expect it to be so soon. Perhaps Harry Osborn, distraught by his father's condition, takes a dangerous dose of an experimental chemical and the result is his goblinifaction?

Perhaps. Either way it's going to be exciting to see Dehaan taking another crack at being supervillain. Lets just hope he survives the classroom first.

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters May 2, 2014. [[follow]] to get the latest on whether or not this rumor becomes fact.


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