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In 2013, Wolverine lost his healing factor, leaving him more vulnerable than ever. Despite losing his rapid healing powers, Logan continued to be an X-Man, a member of the Avengers, and a hero. It's been three years since Wolverine died sacrificing himself for people he didn't even know, and now Marvel Comics have announced he'll be coming back to comic books – and his return will shake the Marvel Universe to its core for a number of reasons. reported that in Marvel Legacy #1, Wolverine is officially coming back to Marvel comics. Marvel's editor-in-chief Axel Alonso told,

"Yes, Logan is back from the dead,"..."After three years of a Logan-free Marvel Universe, Logan is back, claws popped and ready for action. How he came back, why he came back, and just how he came into possession of that Infinity Stone are part of a fascinating story that's going to unveil soon, and in some unusual places."

(Credit: Marvel Comics)
(Credit: Marvel Comics)

After Old Man Logan was brought into the regular Marvel Universe, I was certain that he was the Wolverine of the future. And why not? He was everything we loved about Wolverine (minus the costume) and was so much wiser. He was like a Clint Eastwood character with a healing factor, claws and a long coat. Wolverine has been one of my favorite characters for years, but news of his return is somewhat bittersweet because of the implications this will have on the overall story.

What About The All New Wolverine?

Laura took Wolverine's death harder than anybody else in the Marvel Universe. Because Logan knows what it is like to be looked at as an animal and a weapon, he understood how Laura felt. He was the first person to look at her as a person and make sure that she knew she could be more than what she was created to be. So, after Logan's death she made it a point to never be used again.

Laura changed her costume, took up the mantle of Wolverine, and is currently giving it all she has.

(Credit: Marvel Comics)
(Credit: Marvel Comics)

So what happens to Laura? She can't go back to being X-23. She's become so much more while working on her own and with the Original X-Men squad. Laura going back to being X-23 would seem like a step backwards. Either way, the good news is that there's more than one Spider-Man, and there's been more than one Hulk before, so there's theoretically no reason why there can't be more than one Wolverine.

But Laura's upcoming dilemma isn't the only issue Wolverine's return brings to Marvel comics. Old Man Logan has been firmly established since the younger version of Logan left the medium, and his return will surely complicate how the comic book company utilizes Old Man Logan.

(Credit: Marvel Comics)
(Credit: Marvel Comics)

After having a rough start by bumping heads with Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) and an aging Steve Rogers, Old Man Logan finally solidified himself as a real character in the minds of comic book fans. He was also accepted among his peers in the Marvel Universe. So, with the 'real' Wolverine we know and love coming back, what does that mean for Old Man Logan?

Since Old Man Logan has become popular, I doubt Marvel would kill him off just yet – especially when there's an opportunity for the two of them to meet.

Young Logan will have so many questions about his future - especially when it comes to his legacy. Young Logan is going to have so many questions about his possible future, and Old Man Logan will be more than willing to give his younger self the warning signs he needs.

A lot of Old Man Logan's future has been debunked due to things like young Jean Grey being around and Xavier's School still being in Westchester, but there's no reason why Old Man Logan's future can't still happen. The information that younger Logan receives will ultimately save his current present and should keep the current 616 going strong.

Along with the opportunity for two beloved Logans to meet face-to-face, there's also a huge question that fans have been asking ever since his return was announced. One thing we've always known is that there is an attraction between Logan and Jean Grey. The only thing that has always stopped them is Jean's marriage to Scott Summers. With Cyclops out of the picture for the foreseeable future, what does this mean for Wolverine and Jean Grey?

Will Jean Grey And Logan Finally Get Together?

(Credit: Marvel Comics)
(Credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics already has multiple plans for Old Man Logan. For example, he's currently on the cover of Weapon X and a few other X-titles. Chief among them is Phoenix Resurrection, which marks the the return of Jean Grey.

With Cyclops dead, this leaves a realm of opportunities for Logan and Jean to hook up. He can finally be with the woman he has always loved from afar. We've seen it in multiple alternate realities like Age of Apocalypse and multiple Exiles comics, so maybe it's now finally time for Logan and Jean Grey to get together in the Marvel 616 Universe.

Outside of Logan's most beloved friends, the rest of the Marvel Universe will undoubtedly be shaken up by his reappearance. Despite what Logan may say about being a loner, he was a man of the people. When Luke Cage brought back his New Avengers after Siege, he went to Logan first. When Cyclops needed a job done, he went to Logan. He has always been a crucial member of the X-Men, no matter what – and always makes an impression.

When Logan does come back, his family and friends are going to have a lot of questions, from "how long have you been back?" to "what happened to you?" And then, of course, there are questions that his son Daken and his ex-girlfriend Storm are going to have – making his resurrection even more controversial in Universe 616.

So, there you have it, Logan coming back is going to shake the core of the Marvel Universe. To quote the great TV character Ricky Ricardo, Logan, "You got some ‘splainin’ to do!"

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