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I left my screening of Logan wondering what the final Wolverine movie could possibly have done better. Despite my best efforts, I really couldn't think of anything which would improve upon what was a truly brilliant piece of cinema.

Now, though, the news that an all-time classic X-Men villain was left out of the final script, having previously been a part of director James Mangold's plan for the movie, has me reconsidering.

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Logan screenwriter Scott Frank revealed that an early draft included none other than Sabretooth, the merciless fanged assassin who across forty years of comics has made it his life's work to cause headaches for Xavier and his mutants, killing for sport without remorse and reserving special villainy for his genetically-similar, less morally-bankrupt counterpart, Wolverine.

God, this would've been good. [Credit: Marvel Comics]
God, this would've been good. [Credit: Marvel Comics]

It would make sense, then, for the final Wolverine movie to incorporate Sabretooth for one last fight, especially considering both X-Men and X-Men Origins: Wolverine did such a spectacularly bad job of giving us the big-screen Victor Creed we deserved.

Here's what Frank had to say about how the idea was conceived, and why Creed ultimately didn't make the cut in Logan:

"There was a moment when we were thinking about, as I recall, Jim [Mangold] had an idea where when they were on the run, and they go to the gambling town, there may have been at that point they were going to see [Sabretooth] for help.

He was going to be there for help. Now that you mention it! I wouldn't swear to it, but we thought that would have been an interesting thing to do. And then for whatever reason we didn't do it."

Those who've seen the movie already will probably know that one particular character who makes a surprise appearance midway through Logan could easily have been swapped for Sabretooth without compromizing any of the film's slick storytelling, so it's kind of a shame it didn't ultimately pan out.

Still, Sabretooth has plenty of enemies within the X-Men, and in the absence of Wolverine himself he could make a great antagonist in a future movie — like the Dark Phoenix-themed X-Men: Supernova.

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Logan is in theaters now. Would you have killed to see Wolverine sharpen his claws against Sabretooth, or was the movie just fine without another villain?

(Source: CinemaBlend)


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