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Now, it's taken a full decade and a half since 's first on-screen appearance back in 2000's , but February 2017 is finally set to bring an R-rated take on the iconic hero to the big screen. With well on its way, it's not all that surprising that excitement is building steadily for the stab-happy mutant's third solo movie - and what is reportedly set to be star 's final appearance as the hero.

With that in mind then, it's all the more exciting that a shiny new image from the movie has made its way online, having made an appearance in a photo book that was handed out to members of the press during a recent screening of the first forty minutes of the movie. And, happily...

Wolverine's Claws Are Out In This Gritty New Image From 'Logan'

'Logan' [Fox]
'Logan' [Fox]

Indeed, from the looks of it, that there image is likely a teasing hint at the sort of bloody, brutal violence that the film is apparently full of - something that its red band trailer has already made abundantly clear, but that it's nice to be reassured about:

It's also good news that the folks who were fortunate enough to sit in on the aforementioned screening seem to near-universally feel that the film's much-heralded R-rating is both very much evident, and distinctly beneficial:

Which, y'know, is nice.

What do you reckon, though? Just how R-rated will Logan have to be to satisfy your lust for blood? Let us know below!



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