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Millions of people all over the world joined forces this past weekend in the worldwide Women's March on Washington. Attendees gathered in support of women's rights, protesting against important issues such as healthcare cuts, discrimination and Donald Trump.

A number of celebrities showed their support for the movement by either marching or posting on social media. Among those was Mark Hamill, who'd noticed a large amount of fans amongst the protesters:

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Doing Our Princess Proud

It seems like the legendary has posthumously continued her noble work as rebel leader, becoming an icon in the modern women's rights movement. And it's certainly a fitting image, considering Fisher's strong stance against Donald Trump:

[Credit: Carrie Fisher Twitter]
[Credit: Carrie Fisher Twitter]

Fisher was incredibly outspoken on social media during the election last year, frequently posting snarky quips about her least-favorite presidential candidate, who she once referred to as a "UFO- unbearably freaky ogre".

In fact, upon being asked by one of her Twitter followers if she thought Trump might be a "coke head", the actor replied, "I'm an expert & ABSOLUTELY".

Looks like Fisher was equally as sassy both on-screen and off:

Rebellions Are Built On Hope

Star Wars' strong message of political dissidence and defiance have made for an apt theme following Trump's presidential win. Check out some of these Fisher fans representing the spirit of Leia during the Women's March:

10. A Woman's Place Is In The Resistance

9. Leia The Riveter

[Credit: Daws Twitter]
[Credit: Daws Twitter]

8. Political Puns Aplenty

7. Worse Hair Than A Wookie

6. A Message Of Hope

5. Taking On The Empire

4. Fictional Feminist Agenda Squad

3. General Leia Represent!

2. The Resistance Will Not Be Intimidated

1. The Picture Speaks For Itself


What do you think about Leia becoming a symbol for women's rights?


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