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Wonder Woman has been winning hearts worldwide ever since it first hit theaters and the credit for that goes to a "wonder woman" in her own right — Patty Jenkins. After Wonder Woman's glorious success at the box-office, it comes as no surprise that Jenkins will be back to helm the sequel. Back in May, Jenkins revealed her plans for Diana in the much-awaited sequel, and has now been talking about Wonder Woman 2 once again.

Jenkins sat down with BuzzFeed recently and primarily talked about the tone she wants to set for the sequel. The director revealed that she had reservations about how the audience would respond to Wonder Woman's blend of action, comedy and romance. However, now that the response of the audience is pretty clear, Jenkins wants to keep using that formula.

"I feel much more inspired to continue on that balance."

That being said, there's one more element that Jenkins wants to add to that balance to make Wonder Woman 2 even better — she wants to have more fun with the sequel. Jenkins went on to say:

"There's always a struggle in an origin story to get to the point where that superhero exists, and now I'm dying to just let loose and have a great time with her. Not for the whole movie, but in moments. I'm excited to see her power really soar, and us have a great time having a great Wonder Woman in our world. That's what I'm craving."

Jenkins revealed that the reason that she'll be able to have a great time with the sequel is because it won't be an origin story. We get that origin stories are the hardest to execute, but is this the only reason why Jenkins couldn't let loose in Wonder Woman?

Audiences previously accused the of being dark and gloomy — That is, until Wonder Woman hit theaters. Jenkins broke the dark trend set by Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, which were all very similar in this sense. It's no coincidence that these three movies were also in production before Geoff Johns was appointed as the Head of DC Films. Wonder Woman is the first film to be released under Johns's supervision, which explains partly why the film felt lighter.

Now that the origin story of Wonder Woman is out of the way, Jenkins will have the chance to explore the fun elements of the character in even more depth for the sequel and we can't wait.

Wonder Woman is out now in theaters.

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(Source: BuzzFeed)


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