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A full 75 years after Wonder Woman's comic book debut, it's safe to say that is long-awaited, and with female superheroes woefully underrepresented in the box office, Gal Gadot's smashing the glass ceiling with those fantastic bullet-proof bracelets. And yet, there's a few more boundaries that Gadot would like to break.

Hot on the heels of DC Comics' official confirmation that yes, Wonder Woman is queer — and has always been queer — Gadot is ready to bring this truth to the silver screen in the unconfirmed Wonder Woman 2.

Sorry, Steve Trevor, you're yesterday's news. [Warner Bros]
Sorry, Steve Trevor, you're yesterday's news. [Warner Bros]

Although Gadot previously admitted that the issue of Diana's bisexuality was "never brought to the table" when it came to planning the first Wonder Woman film, now she seems to have jumped right on the representation train.

Gadot wants Wonder Woman to get a girlfriend in the potential sequel, and she's even got a woman in mind — the Oscar winning Halle Berry.

Berry, who has played her fair share of badass woman in the form of X-Men's Storm and Die Another Day's Jinx (and uh, Catwoman, but let's just breeze past that), has yet to respond to Gadot's enthusiasm about the prospect of fictionally dating her.

"I saw her the other day, Halle Berry. She’s so beautiful. Wow! She’s gorgeous! So… yeah, I could do it with her."

Underneath all the fan buzz about this, one crucial question remains: Is this even within the realm of possibility?

Bullet? Check. Glass ceiling, you're next. [WB]
Bullet? Check. Glass ceiling, you're next. [WB]

That's up to Warner Brothers to decide, and honestly, there's a lot of potential benefits to them if they decide to (gotta get that hashtag trending).

What If Diana Really Did Get A Girlfriend?

This is probably a remote possibility — and we'll get to the whys of that in a bit — but for a fun, disbelief-suspended moment, let's pretend we live in a world where the trailer for Wonder Woman 2: Ovaries Before Brovaries has dropped, and Diana's taking full advantage of not living in the 1940s any more by dating a woman (hopefully Halle Berry).

Comment sections explode! Multiple fans criticize PC culture, while many others praise this progressive step forward. Suddenly, this movie isn't just another superhero sequel. This is a talking point, an important moment in Hollywood history.

Greg Rucka's comic made it clear that Diana is queer, way back in 2004. [DC]
Greg Rucka's comic made it clear that Diana is queer, way back in 2004. [DC]

Making Diana bisexual on the big screen would be the biggest, bravest thing Warner could do with the DCEU. It would set this superhero franchise apart from its chief rival, the MCU, not to mention pushing Hollywood forward in terms of representation and celebration of anyone who isn't a straight white guy (named Chris, usually).

There's no doubt this would award Wonder Woman 2: She's Just That Into Her a huge amount of publicity, and people would flood to the cinemas, either to find the proof that this was a mistake, or just to relish the fact that Wonder Woman has a girlfriend now.

Of course, there would be people who would boycott the movie, but this might not be as disastrous as you'd expect. After all, people boycotted Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens before the release, because it dared to have a woman and a black man as the two protagonists.

Of course, this was about as successful as Luke's plan to pick up power-converters from Tosche Station. Granted, Star Wars is a bit more popular than DC... but only a bit. Suffice it to say, boycotts and online debates aren't enough to lose Wonder Woman 2 money, should it feature Diana having all the smooches with her new gal pal. However, there is one crucial thing that could — and probably will — ensure this never happens.

It's All About Distribution

Ultimately, Warner Brothers are producing a movie, but before the fans see it, they need to get their product onto the big screen itself. Even if Diana were to have a girlfriend, it's unlikely that many movie theaters in the United States would say no to such a blockbuster superhero movie that would no doubt make them the big bucks.

But domestic gross isn't the only factor in a film's success, and in recent years the international market has proven to make or break a movie.

But it is, unfortunately, up to Warner Brothers. [WB]
But it is, unfortunately, up to Warner Brothers. [WB]

And this is where Wonder Woman 2: But I'm An Amazon may fall short of WB's box office goals. China is the obvious example here. The Chinese box office has added on hundreds of millions to many blockbuster movies recently — Pacific Rim, Warcraft, and many more films received a game-changing boost from the Chinese market. As a result, many studios have started taking this into serious account when making their movies, for better or worse. China actually only allows around 30 movies to be imported a year, and is very quick to strike a film from the list — or ban it altogether.

Considering that earlier in 2016, the Chinese government banned all depictions of same-sex relationships on television and in film, it's a safe bet to say that Wonder Woman 2 would not be released in China, should Diana get a female love interest. And that would cost Warner Brothers a sizeable chunk of their potential box office gain.

Diana's entrenched in Hollywood politics — and actual WWI trenches. [WB]
Diana's entrenched in Hollywood politics — and actual WWI trenches. [WB]

If we're looking for a provable reason that Wonder Woman won't get a girlfriend, this might just be it. Much of the potential debates and controversies can be explained away, and small boycotts wouldn't outweigh the potential increase in ticket sales because of the buzz surrounding the film. But distribution would probably be the deciding factor, and with things standing as they do now, the outlook for Diana to get a girlfriend is pretty bleak.

Of course, this is all guesswork. No-one's actually tried this yet, and as the sequel to what is sure to be a pretty successful movie, Wonder Woman 2 might be the perfect time for WB to take a potentially profitable risk. And it's worth noting that despite Sulu being confirmed to be gay, Star Trek: Beyond was not banned in China.

For now, all we can do is hope that Wonder Woman 2: The Other L Word will fulfill our hopes as much as the first movie uh... has yet to. We're probably getting ahead of ourselves a bit here.


Do you want Wonder Woman to get a girlfriend?

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