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Wonder Woman is coming full force in her first solo big screen outing, directed by Patty Jenkins. From what we've seen so far, the film is sticking close to its source material, but one thing that we won't be seeing from classic lore will be the superheroine's trusty invisible jet.

For those who aren't familiar with the aircraft, it was introduced in Sensation Comics #1 in 1942 as a way for Wonder Woman to be able to take to the skies (at the time, the character didn't have her flying powers). Since its introduction, the jet has become an integral part of the superheroine's story and has been adapted for various mediums, such as cartoons and even live-action in 's classic Wonder Woman '70s series.

Well what if I told you the handy jet could be finally introduced in the DCEU in the near future? Patty Jenkins, and sat down for an interview with Yahoo! Movies to promote Wonder Woman. The trio was asked about strange elements from the comics they'd like to see appear in a sequel. Jenkins was quick to throw in Wonder Woman's invisible jet as a suggestion:

“The invisible jet is very important and ultimately we have to have the invisible jet. That’s a very big part of Wonder Woman.”

It's worth noting this isn't the first time the director has expressed interest in adapting the invisible jet for live-action. Earlier in May, during an interview with Uproxx, she stated she's more than willing to include it in a future sequel.

Of course, before we take this as a confirmation of the Invisible jet in the , we should keep in mind her comments were not all that serious. However, it looks like there's a genuine interest from her translating it for live-action. And that possibility begs the question:

Would The Invisible Jet Work In The DCEU?

Definitely—if handled correctly. The fact that Wonder Woman is visible the whole time has always made the jet look a bit silly. The superhero literally sitting on air while flying around is strange. That would not be a good match for the realism and seriousness of the DC Extended Universe. Fortunately that doesn't mean there's no way to make a new live-action version of it work.

One way in which I think the vehicle could look cool would be to write it as a jet with an advanced cloaking mechanism, similar to the Quinjets in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. That way, the people inside the jet won't be visible. In doing so, the aircraft would not actually be seen, but it gives the opportunity to present it in a more realistic, less-silly light.

Thankfully, is already coming up with ways to make the vehicle happen. During the aforementioned interview with Uproxx, the director revealed she's determined to shake off the jet's silly image and make it cool, just like what happens with every single superhero adaptation:

"I turn that question in my mind all the time, but I will figure it out. I approach it with this belief system: When we first talked about doing Wonder Woman, somebody said to me [...] 'How are you going to make her cool? All these things are so cheesy.' And I said, 'Describe to me any superhero who has ever had a movie made out of them and they are all ridiculous until somebody makes it cool.' We will find a way to make [it] cool."

Jenkins has also talked about wanting to set in modern times after being done with her origin story. A modern setting would be perfect to introduce an invisible plane. Ultimately, there is a way to make the aircraft work in live-action. As a big fan of the jet, I can't wait to see what Jenkins and Warner Bros. come up with.

Wonder Woman flies into theaters (without her trusty jet) on June 2, 2017.

Would you like to see the Invisible jet in the DCEU? Do you think it has the chance to look cool? Let me know in the comments!

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