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After Wonder Woman smashed box office expectations, many people are wondering why Warner Bros. hasn't already ordered a sequel to the most critically successful film in the . Although director Patty Jenkins is eager to divulge details of her vision for , the production has not been officially greenlit — but this announcement might not be far over the horizon.

Warner Bros. chief Toby Emmerich stepped into the Variety offices to discuss his plan for the comic book franchise, teasing upcoming films like Gotham City Sirens and praising the critical and financial success of Wonder Woman. Proud of the project as he is, Emmerich quickly admitted that his role in this film was very small, and that he expects other studios will be eager to get in on that woman-power action (he didn't say Marvel but we know that's what he meant).

In What Era Will Wonder Woman 2 Take Place?

Emmerich also confirmed that, despite a lack of an official greenlight announcement, Wonder Woman 2 is definitely in the works — and yes, Patty Jenkins will once again be at the helm. According to Emmerich, Jenkins has been working on her plans for the sequel for quite some time. Echoing Jenkins's own statements, Emmerich reiterated that Diana's next adventure will not take place after Batman v Superman or Justice League, but will be set in the past.

"It will take place somewhere between 1917 and 2017."

When it comes to a complex character such as Wonder Woman, the setting is absolutely essential to the story. Blending mythology with the superhero genre is already a challenge, but Patty Jenkins and screenwriter Alan Heinberg decided to eschew modern heroics entirely, making the innovative choice to set Wonder Woman in World War I. This turned out to be the secret to the movie's success, as the wartime setting not only called on our nostalgic memories of superheroes' Golden Age, but also challenged Diana and provided a fascinating backdrop for a story that got back to the roots of why we created superheroes in the first place.

So it goes without saying that Wonder Woman 2 needs a setting that is equally as interesting. But which era will Patty Jenkins choose? There are plenty of options, with human history peppered with conflicts that could use an Amazonian helping hand. Many fans are already pointing towards WWII as the most logical progression, especially as the atrocities committed in this particular war might just break Diana's faith in humanity — which would finally line up with her revelations to Bruce in Batman v Superman.

However, Jenkins already seems determined to step away from Zack Snyder's concept of Wonder Woman as a jaded hero who scorned humanity. It seems more likely that instead of showing Diana's struggle in this "century of horrors", Jenkins will give us another movie that combines Diana's optimism and thrilling heroics with a mature storyline.

I can't wait to see Diana's reaction to the rest of the 20th century. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
I can't wait to see Diana's reaction to the rest of the 20th century. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Jenkins has also said that she intends to set Wonder Woman 2 in the USA, telling Entertainment Weekly that it just feels right for the sequel.

"The story will take place in the US, which I think is right. She’s Wonder Woman. She’s got to come to America. It’s time."

So with that in mind, a WWII setting seems highly unlikely for Diana's next movie. In fact, Jenkins may have already revealed the era she chose: in an interview with Collider, they suggested the 1930s and Jenkins responded "it’s definitely right in the pocket of what you’re talking about." The idea of Diana fighting crime in Prohibition Era USA is really exciting, especially if Jenkins wants to continue to incorporate the Greek gods — Dionysus as a speakeasy-running mobster, anyone?

But whenever Wonder Woman 2 is set, Patty Jenkins has definitely proved that she can make Diana Prince a hero in any era, and we can rest assured that there will be an official sequel announcement any day now.


When do you think 'Wonder Woman 2' should be set?

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