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After 75 years, Wonder Woman has finally lassoed herself a solo outing on the big screen. Director Patty Jenkins’s dream of telling the beloved heroine’s story has come true, and the director had an incredible cast behind her to achieve it.

The fourth film in the burgeoning franchise, Wonder Woman will begin at the Amazon's birthplace, Themyscira; an all-female utopia of peace, security and expert battle training. In order to become battle-ready, the actresses bringing the Amazons to life attended an intense boot camp, which brought out the inner warriors in each of them. It was strenuous but rewarding in the end, and these talented women quickly transformed into powerful warriors both physically and mentally.

Torturous Training Paid Off

Fitness expert and former Olympian Jenny Pacey, who is making her Hollywood debut as an Amazon, told Lincolnshire Live what the actresses' training focused on:

“We trained for four hours a day five days a week, with a mixture of fitness, strength work — designed to create muscle hypertrophy, basically bulk up — and stunt training, which saw us learning fight skills and working with swords, shields, staffs and bows."

Even though the preparation was within her comfort zone, she admitted that working on stunts was still a challenging endeavor.

Wonder Woman herself, , also acknowledged that the journey was an exhausting one:

“Crawling through the mud in a tiny skirt is harder than you’d think. But I stopped being too skinny and the torture was worth it in the end. I felt like I was a little girl, looking up at Mount Kilimanjaro and thinking every day, ‘How the [redacted] am I going to climb the entire way up?’"

On occasion, she was even temped to come up with excuses to avoid her training. But slowly and surely, with the right team, Gadot says she felt that she could conquer anything.

The Actresses Gained Lifelong Friendships

Not only did this boot camp help the women get in better shape, but it also proved to be the perfect opportunity for the Amazons to forge strong bonds. Jenkins describes the aura that this journey gave off on-set:

"It was a riot. We had 80 incredible women, all living in one Italian summer camp, from supermodels to the best female boxer in the world. It was rangy women just stalking around with their badass moves in droves, all becoming best friends and all super-intrigued by one another.”

Even Pacey would agree that filming Wonder Woman was more than just recreating a superhero's tale:

"I met some friends I know I will have for life. I loved being around strong, ambitious, like-minded women and the continued daily dose of competition."

From battle armor to their growing sisterhood, the Amazons of Wonder Woman have been lifted straight from the comics. They’re real-life superheroes who have given us an incredible example of how all women can empower and inspire each other, regardless of their backgrounds. Knowing how well they triumphed together as a team, we should be even more confident that Wonder Woman will deliver something special.

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2. What are you most excited to see in the movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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