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The opening scenes of Wonder Woman immediately welcomed audiences to the beautiful island of Themyscira, home of the fierce Amazonian warriors created by the gods of Mount Olympus in order to protect the humans.

While in the film these warrior women were tough and capable warriors, in real life it turns out the ladies who played the roles were just as bad-ass as their Amazonian counterparts, and included Crossfit champions, professional fighters and multiple Olympians.

With such a tough gig that involved so much training, you might expect that the hardest part of being an Amazonian was recovering from the demands of the shoot; However, one actor has opened the lid on the biggest difficulty the women faced on set — using the bathroom.

Yes, despite the Amazons being created by the gods, the women who played them were still human, and Mayling Ng, the martial artist and actor who appeared as Orana in , recently posted on Instagram about the long process all the women had to go through in order to relieve themselves.

Ng, who is also a personal trainer, captioned the image:

"Insider secret on working on Wonder Woman.......The hardest part of the filming wasn't the fight scenes, jumping the cliff with wirework burns or the early calltimes it was the bathroom breaks. I think all [us] amazons will agree: 1st- the undressing the hand wraps, then fringe skirt, then the corset to undo finally the big Wonder Woman pants"

Uh, yeah, definitely seems like a lot of effort to go through in order to pee!

And although she claims that going to the bathroom was more difficult than the wirework burns (stunt actors use high tension wires connected to a harness in order to pull off some of the more insane stunts in films), I have to say they do look pretty nasty!

Ng has shared plenty of other behind-the-scenes tidbits for Wonder Woman fans, revealing in another post that when she wasn't filming as Orana, she also appeared as another Amazon in the beach battle scenes, performing the stunts.

She also shared a snap from her birthday last year while the film was shooting, saying that on that particular day the cast began filming before dawn and worked overtime in the scorching Italian summer:

And while the gods of Mount Olympus might have gorged themselves on nectar and ambrosia, it turns out coffee is what sustained the Amazons and helped them through their early call times:

Wonder Woman is in cinemas now.

What was your favorite part of Wonder Woman?

(Source: Instagram via Hello Giggles)


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