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After the incredibly polarizing viewing experiences brought about by Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (or for short) and , it's now up to and the to regain the trust of fans and prove that DC Entertainment has a chance against the box-office juggernaut that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe ().

But if you thought that the DC Expanded Universe () had a rough time last year, it seems like things could get worse in 2017. If industry sources are to be believed, DC's next two movies won't improve the situation. Instead, they might just dig an even deeper grave for the already-struggling DCEU.

Word On The Wire

The Amazons of Themyscira [Image: Warner Brothers]
The Amazons of Themyscira [Image: Warner Brothers]

According to Sasha Perl-Raver of the podcast, her DC insider and friend said that she was able to get a first hand look at Princess Diana's upcoming movie. Long story short, Wonder Woman is (apparently) another DC disaster waiting to happen.

Check out the trailer for Wonder Woman below.

Sasha noted that she's a massive Wonder Woman fan, and that it was "f-ing heartbreaking" to hear that the upcoming movie starring the Amazing Amazon was not the glorious adventure promised in the trailers. Sasha went on to note:

According to her source, it seems that DC didn't learn anything from the issues that plagued both of 2016's DCEU movies, with her describing Wonder Woman as "discombobulated" and saying it "doesn't have narrative flow. It's just very disjointed." Coincidentally, these are the same problems that were cited in Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad.

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The Justice League [Image: Warner Brothers]
The Justice League [Image: Warner Brothers]

As for Justice League, the website Batman On Film claims that its own sources cite Justice League as "a mess," similar to Batman V Superman. But since the two were directed by this won't be much of a surprise to some.

The site then went on to speculate that actually knows this, which is why he's been hesitating to commit to since he doesn't want to waste more of his time on a project that just can't seem to get things right.

Recently, Affleck has been going back and forth in confirming his involvement in The Batman movie, one minute he says he's excited for it and the next he's thinking twice about donning the cape and cowl on screen in a solo adventure because the script isn't good enough.

(Check out the trailer for Justice League below.)

[Source: Cosmic Book News]

Crisis On DC Cinematic Universes

Before you dismiss these rumors as nothing more than hearsay, just remember that Sasha's source is the same person who claimed that was a glorified bomb of a superhero movie.

Batman V Superman may have its own dedicated fan base, but the majority of critics and general audiences agreed that the superhero crossover was a needlessly depressing slog that took the joy and fun out of what should have been an epic superhero movie. The tonally-jarring Suicide Squad met with similar polarized reactions and the movie. It was criticized even more after word leaked of excessive meddling with the film from DC and Warner Bros. head honchos.

Let the debates begin [Image: Rotten Tomatoes]
Let the debates begin [Image: Rotten Tomatoes]

For those hoping to see this ship correct course, these new rumors become even more concerning when it's noted that Wonder Woman will be the first DCEU movie that's nearly free from Snyder's creative control. Unlike Justice League which is directed by Snyder and produced by his frequent collaborators, Wonder Woman was overseen by legendary DC comics scribe Geoff Johns and DC films executive Jon Berg. The full involvement of the two was DC's response to the backlash against Snyder's almost-total dominance of the DCEU movies.

Zack Snyder is oftentimes held responsible for the DCEU's excessively dark tone, hence the lack of optimism despite the mostly-altruistic source material that's the foundation for the film franchise.

As Frank Miller probably says, "Batman rules, Superman drools" [Image: Warner Brothers]
As Frank Miller probably says, "Batman rules, Superman drools" [Image: Warner Brothers]

It seems that no matter what they do, the people running the DCEU just don't know what they're doing. In their attempts to satisfy both critics and moviegoers, the DCEU's goals appear to be unfocused. Instead of trying to deliver a good superhero movie that will attract audiences no matter how obscure the characters may be, DC seems more intent on pandering to one extreme and forcing a new cinematic universe onto viewers instead of earning their trust and respect in the first place.

Obviously, it's too early to confirm these concerning rumors as true, but the fact remains that this is not the first time early reports correctly painted a bleak future for upcoming DC movies.

Wonder Woman is slated for a summer release date, while Justice League will make it to cinemas just in time for the holiday season. Only then will audiences and critics get to see for themselves if these industry rumors are true or simply unfounded worries.


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