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Wonder Woman will go down in history as the very first female-led modern superhero movie. Because of that, and due to how impressive the trailers and stills look, the latest entry in the DCEU has comic book fans excited.

Even with such anticipation, you might be surprised to hear that, a month prior to its release, the movie is embroiled in controversy. The reason behind the consternation may surprise you.

One of the film's first trailers showed Wonder Woman lifting a tank before throwing it at a group of enemy soldiers. That shot left her armpits exposed, and fans noticed they were much lighter compared to Gal Gadot's overall skin tone.

Much as with Chris Hemsworth in the first Thor: Ragnarok trailer, fans got heated. According to concerned critics, Diana, coming from an island of women, would not be aware of modern beauty standards, patriarchal as many of these standards are. Here are some of the reactions:

Surprisingly, the conversation gained some real traction, with more people joining in the debate.

Warner Bros. Acts

[Credit: Warner Bros.]
[Credit: Warner Bros.]

The studio color-corrected the actress' armpits, making them match Gadot's skin tone in the new trailers. It's a minor adjustment, but people aware of the conversation behind it caught the difference.

Here's a side-by-side shot comparison to give you an idea of the change:

[Credit: Warner Bros.]
[Credit: Warner Bros.]

As you can see, the white around the armpits is no longer visible. That still leaves complaints about the lack of armpit hair, but then more people joined the fray: fans puzzled by the fact that there was any controversy at all. These new challengers naturally took to Twitter to share their point of view.

Here are just a few examples of the thousands of critical tweets issued to dismiss the criticism directed at Diana's lack of armpit hair:

This armpit controversy is layered! You may wonder (heh, pun) why Warner Bros. would bother to downplay criticisms by changing Gadot's skin tone? The answer is quite simple: it's an easy way to tamp down negative conversation. A quick digital skin tone fix shuts down the topic.

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Wonder Woman is a symbol of strength, acceptance and equality. Hopefully, the fan community puts this debate to rest and focus more on the fact that the Amazonian warrior will be getting what looks to be an amazing solo film when Wonder Woman flies into theaters on June 2, 2017.

What do you think about Warner Bros. color-correcting Wonder Woman's armpits? Let me know in the comments!


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