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Saying there was a lot of pressure on DC's Wonder Woman ahead of its release would be an understatement, but the first live-action blockbuster led by a female superhero managed to smash expectations by breaking the $100 million mark on its opening weekend. The first film directed by a woman to do so, it continues to draw in audiences and raving reviews, safe from a second weekend drop such as the plunge taken by Batman v Superman shortly after its release.

Carried by a stellar performance from Gal Gadot as Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman has finally proven that movies made by women, starring women, can be just as strong box office winners as their male counterparts. The movie just crossed the $300 million mark at the box office, putting it higher on the list of best grossing movies from a female director with every passing day. With Kung Fu Panda 2 at $665 million, the No. 1 is still far ahead, but Wonder Woman has already made more than Pitch Perfect 2 and will surely close with a better performance than Twilight, which brought in $391 million worldwide in 2008.

Domestically, its total of $138.7 million is already ahead of 6-day gross of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2, which made $136.2 million in that same period. That makes it No. 9 on the list of highest grossing movies of 2017 domestically, but since it just opened June 2, expect many more records to be shattered just as easily as Diana can break a rifle in two. Another advantage is that this early summer's potential rival, Tom Cruise's The Mummy, is getting the equivalent of an Amazon punch in the face both from critics and audiences, leaving Wonder Woman free to conquer the box office.

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

While Patty Jenkins is already preparing for a potential sequel, let's hope the movie's brilliant performance will lead the way for many more female-led box office winners, from the number of stories told by women to the budget allotted to them.

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