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The question of whether Wonder Woman can fly is a contested one, and it's something a lot of people are confused about: When you type "can Wonder Woman" into Google, the first option that comes up is "fly." Historically, the Amazon superhero's powers did not extend to flight, so she kept up with Superman by zipping around the world in her invisible jet — which also offered her the strategic advantage of stealth.

Until now, it seemed that the 2017 Wonder Woman movie would evade this question, as Diana doesn't seem to be flying in any of the trailers. But a new international trailer has surfaced, with Wonder Woman unmistakably leaping into the air — and new shots show her floating above the ground.

Wonder Woman's powers of flight weren't introduced to her character until 's continuity changing event Crisis On Infinite Earths. After this crossover arc, Diana's origin story was altered — after Hippolyta made her from clay, the Greek gods brought her to life, with Hermes granting her the powers of speed and flight. The invisible jet became a little redundant after this retcon, but it did pop up occasionally.

It seems that in Wonder Woman, director Patty Jenkins has opted for the post-Crisis version of Diana's powers. We already know that the movie will be a journey of discovery for Diana, as she learns the extent of her powers, and why she is different from the other Amazons. Perhaps her ability to fly is a part of this, and it could be that this is a power that she only realizes later on in the movie... I can't wait to find out!

Tell us in the comments: Do you think Wonder Woman should fly naturally, or use the invisible jet?


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