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Very soon, Wonder Woman will grace theaters worldwide. We’ll finally get to see Diana Prince’s origin story told on the big screen, which means taking a vacation to her birthplace, Themyscira. If you want to experience Paradise Island, you don’t have to wait to fly your invisible plane to the movies on June 2.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, concept art for Wonder Woman has emerged which captures the beauty and magic of Themyscira. These breathtaking images certainly make us wish that the island was more than just a fantasy.

Themyscira — A Feminine Utopia

[Credit: EW / Warner Bros.]
[Credit: EW / Warner Bros.]

Wonder Woman's native land is rooted in Greek mythology; as is the case ancient legend, 's Themyscira is home to the Amazon tribe. It's a lush world of peace and security, without the influence of man.

Initially named Paradise Island by Diana's creator, William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins and production designer, Aline Bonetto used Marston's notion of paradise as the inspiration for the movie's island. Bonetto explains:

"We decided to make a mix of landscapes to build, in a way, our paradise island. We really wanted to have water everywhere. The water in Themyscira was really feminine, a kind of energy that’s across this island.”

The artwork above is truly enchanting; we're in for something magical when we finally see Themyscira in live-action.

The Glorious Throne Room

[Credit: EW / Warner Bros.]
[Credit: EW / Warner Bros.]

We've already witnessed Themyscira's throne room in several Wonder Woman trailers, and the artwork above really hammers home the beauty that's in store. Sculpted without walls and doors, Bonetto wanted the palace to reflect the openness and harmony of Themyscira's society. Regarding the intricate, spiral throne, Bonetto describes her idea behind the design:

"The spiral, it’s a really primitive element. It’s a shape that you can find a lot in nature, in perfect things: in ferns when they grow and in the Nautilus shell."

Knowing how much effort went into facet of Wonder Woman — from the visuals, to the physical training, to the intricate Easter Eggs — it's clear that we have an extraordinary and captivating movie ahead of us.

Wonder Woman will be playing at a theater near you on June 2. What are you most excited to see in the Amazon Princess's solo debut? Tell us in the comments below!

(Source: EW)


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