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The final trailer for Wonder Woman has dropped, revealing Diana's origin and weaving a web of mystery for the film to explore. As many of us suspected, isn't just a normal Amazon — cryptically commenting that "she must never know the truth", Hippolyta has been hiding the truth of her daughter's identity.

Diana's fantastic abilities make her almost godlike, as she deflects bullets, creates shockwaves, and leaps so high she might as well be flying. We're left wondering who — or what — Diana is, and why this knowledge is forbidden from her.

In the comics, Wonder Woman has had many origin stories, some more controversial than others. Naturally, the 2017 Wonder Woman movie is set to give Diana a new backstory, one that takes the best aspects of all the tales that have come before. Goddess, chosen warrior, or weapon: The origin of Diana's powers are crucial to the film's plot. While the possibilities are infinite, there seem to be a few likely answers to the intriguing question of who Diana truly is.

A Weapon Forged By Gods

In a retelling of Greek Mythology, Wonder Woman establishes that the Amazons were created by Zeus as an army to battle Ares — the fearsome and brutal god of war. As the second trailer revealed, Zeus gave his Amazon a paradise island on which to live, leaving them with weapons as gifts. One of these weapons is the sword known as "God Killer", said to have the power to kill immortals. And Diana is determined to wield it.

But what if Diana herself is the God Killer? We already know that she has supernatural abilities that even her Amazon sisters don't possess, and it could be that Diana was created specifically as a weapon to kill Ares — "brought to life by Zeus" for this singular purpose.

This lines up with Wonder Woman's Silver Age origin, in which the Olympian gods gifted Diana with superpowers after Hippolyta moulded her out of clay. The gods chose Diana to be their champion on Earth, fighting for truth and justice and protecting humanity. In the new movie, Diana's role would be to protect humans from Ares — as she suspects him to be behind WWI.

But why would Hippolyta keep Diana's sacred mission a secret? It could be that the truth is far darker...

Goddess Of War

Diana may think that she "has no father", but Ares may have had a hand in her creation. If Diana is the daughter of the Amazons' old enemy, this would explain why Hippolyta kept her parentage a secret.

Diana and Hippolyta listen to Steve Trevor's speech. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Diana and Hippolyta listen to Steve Trevor's speech. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

There's also an intriguing line from footage the press were shown earlier this month: As Diana departs Themiscyra, Hippolyta is asked whether she should have been told the truth about her identity.

Hippolyta's reply implies that there's a dark secret at the root of Diana's origins, and that revealing the truth would endanger her. We're left wondering who this "he" is, but it seems highly likely that Hippolyta is talking about Ares.

This would be a significant change to any of Wonder Woman's previous origins, but it would line up with the complex relationship between Diana and Ares in the New 52 comics — starting out as bitter enemies, Ares became something of a mentor to Diana, and she later took up the mantle of the god of war. That would certainly be an interesting end to the new movie!

Wonder Woman fights Ares. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Wonder Woman fights Ares. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Of course, sometimes the most obvious solution is the right one...

Demi-Goddess Child Of Zeus

Described by Gal Gadot as having "the heart of a human and the powers of a goddess", Wonder Woman could be the demigod daughter of Zeus — just as she was in the New 52 comics. Producer Charles Roven recently spoke to about which comics influenced the movie most.

"For Wonder Woman, what was really intriguing to us was the mythology of her past and attempting to blend both the canon from the past with the New 52 and really come up with a compelling story for Diana and her hero’s journey."

Diana marches into No Man's Land. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Diana marches into No Man's Land. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Granted, revealing Diana to be the daughter of Zeus might be repetitive, but it would line up with her New 52 origin and may explain why Hippolyta kept her true identity a secret. It's worth noting that director Patty Jenkins has referred to Diana as a "goddess" in most of the interviews so far.

It seems that Wonder Woman will combine all of Diana's previous origins to create something new, with a sense of mystery. But whatever the truth of her past, there's no denying that Diana is the hero the world needs.


What do you think is the truth of Diana's origin?

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