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Even though Wonder Woman is coming into theaters June 2, there has been surprisingly little marketing material promoting the movie so far. For any standard movie, the three trailers and variations on the colorful poster would be plenty, but if you remember the sensory overload that was the campaign for Warner Bros.' Suicide Squad — which included clips of character introductions, posters for each member of the squad, trailers cut to the catchiest songs and Jared Leto taking the press by storm with accounts of his method acting antics — it feels like the studio is reining it in this time.

As if anticipating this criticism, the studio just released two brand new TV spots for , though director preceded the YouTube release with a post on her Twitter account, suggesting she's been growing impatient herself.

Unfortunately, they don't show much new footage. Titled "Power" and "Together," they remain variations on the same main trailer, instead of focusing, for example, on the other characters. Steve Trevor and Etta Candy alone have enough potential to get their own 30-second clip, so why are they barely being pushed forward by the movie's promotional material?

Even 'Justice League' Seems To Be Getting More Hype

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Not to say that Justice League doesn't deserve attention, but the DCEU's next installment after Wonder Woman comes out in November, five months after the Amazon princess's solo outing. And yet, as Uproxx pointed out, the movie's not only featured first on the studio's YouTube page, it's already got more video clips released by Warner Bros. than Wonder Woman.

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Probably sensing the lack of buzz around the upcoming release, the major figures involved in the film have been upping their social media game, from main actress to DC Comics boss Geoff Johns.

Still, Twitter endorsements seem like the bare minimum for a movie of this caliber.

'Wonder Woman' Is The DCEU's Most Important Film

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: DC Comics]

Is a reminder of the importance of Wonder Woman even needed? Even though the character has existed in comic books for 75 years, it's the Amazon princess's first proper live-action feature film, the first solo movie for a female superhero in an era dominated by Marvel and DC blockbusters, and a much anticipated next step for the DCEU after Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad failed to convince critics of the viability of the extended universe.

No matter which character is your favorite, there's no denying the symbolic importance of Wonder Woman — even in the Justice League previews, she appears to be the only one who's got her head on her shoulders. That makes the apparent reticence of Warner Bros. to shower us with promotional content all the more infuriating, so we can only hope the movie will be pushed forward appropriately in the coming month.

Wonder Woman is out in theaters June 2, 2017.

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Which DCEU movie has had you the most excited so far?


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