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As it's still set relatively far away on the movie release schedule, with a premiere date in June 2017, #WonderWoman had revealed very little to its eager fans — that is, until the second trailer came around yesterday and granted us all our #DianaPrince-related wishes. While the first trailer gave the tone and style of #DC's first solo female adventure, it didn't give away so much in terms of plot and characters.

The new trailer finally lets us clarify the timeline of Diana's journey from Themyscira to the human world in all its bleakness, where she fights alongside pilot Steve Trevor in World War I. But most importantly, it gave us a much better look at her biggest enemies, Ares, the god of War himself, and Doctor Poison, a neat tie-in to the actual chemical warfare that took place during the Great War. Ares's presence in Wonder Woman is a big deal not just because he's a god — in the #comicbooks, he's the Amazonian princess's biggest foe.

Who Is Ares, Exactly?

Danny Huston as Ares / DC/Warner Bros.
Danny Huston as Ares / DC/Warner Bros.

In Greek mythology, Ares is the god of War, and his character is pretty accurate in the DC Comics version. From one comic book iteration to another, he's elaborated plenty of plans to take over the world, whether he's attacking the Amazons or the world as we know it, but this time, it looks like he's decided to trigger World War I.

Comic book-based movies tend to revisit major historical events and imbue them with some sort of supernatural force, suggesting it had been behind the scenes all along. Just like Captain America: The First Avenger showed a reinterpreted version of World War II, Wonder Woman is basing the First World War on the meddling of a scheming Olympian god. He's certainly not the only bad guy in the story, but he's probably the most important one.

Why Wonder Woman Vs. Ares Will Be A Fight For The Ages

Kicking ass / DC/Warner Bros.
Kicking ass / DC/Warner Bros.

The presence of Ares as one of the main villains is compelling for two reasons: The first one is that the essence of Ares is that he thrives on conflict, which makes him Wonder Woman's ultimate enemy. She seeks love and understanding, while he spreads hate and fear, so their beliefs couldn't be more opposed.

The second fascinating aspect is that since the New 52 revamp of DC reshuffled the cards a little bit, Diana was the daughter of Zeus, which makes her... Ares's sister. While the movie seems to offer a weaker link between Diana and Zeus by stating she had been "brought to life" by him — instead of saying he's her father — and thus might not include the fraternal link between the two archenemies, it's worth nothing that their rivalry isn't just black and white.

DC Comics
DC Comics

In the comics, Ares first goes from threat to mentor, teaching Diana the ways of war. He has high expectations in her, but she ends up disappointing him, though in some versions she takes the god of War mantle from him after she kills him. While we don't know what kind of history they'll share in the movie, it's already clear that their rivalry is deeply rooted — they are both centuries old, after all. And that close link between them will make the battle so much intense and riveting than if Ares was just some bad guy.


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