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Well, it looks like someone wrapped in the Lasso of Truth, because the director revealed her big hopes for the upcoming blockbuster. This year's Wonder Woman promises to be a faithful origin story to the world of Diana Prince and a colorful trip to Themyscira by casting off the dark colors of the .

With a cast that includes , , and , Wonder Woman is certainly a star-studded affair. However, apart from the wild rumors that either or even could be playing the lead villain Ares, we still know relatively little about who is hiding under that spiky helmet.

A Big Bad Decision

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

As one of Wonder Woman's ultimate foes, Jenkins revealed why she settled on Ares as the film's Big Bad, choosing probably the most obvious villain to bring Diana to cinemas. With so many other villains in Wonder Woman's own rogues gallery, some fans had expected a choice like Cheetah or Hercules to head up the character's first live-action solo film since her creation in 1941.

Speaking at WonderCon, Jenkins revealed her reasoning for bringing Ares to the DCEU:

"I mean I think he's the biggest villain of Wonder Woman's world, and so I think if you're going to start off big, start off right with the greatest villain."

As Ares is the God of War, it actually isn't that surprising that a film that centers on war would include such a villain. Also, if you look back at previous movies, Tim Burton didn't shy away from using the Joker in Batman, or Bryan Singer from using Magneto in X-Men. Establishing a solo universe for a long-running character is no mean feat, so you can't blame Jenkins for wanting to start big.

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Reinventing The DCEU

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Although we first met Gadot's caped goddess back in 's Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman is set decades earlier during the First World War. It makes sense that if we are going back to the start of her story on our screens, we should go back to the start of her story on the page. Appearing back in Wonder Woman #1, Ares really represents Wonder Woman's ultimate villain for many.

Let's also not forget that alongside Ares, Elena Anaya's Doctor Poison will be another familiar face from Wonder Woman lore to battle the Goddess of Truth, and there could be even more hiding in the ranks. Wonder Woman hopes to be the first of the DCEU's films that not only brings home the big bucks, but also pleases fans and critics alike. A big bad boogeyman is one way to do that, and by the latest look at Ares, he certainly has the big element ticked.

Check out the Ares-less trailer for Wonder Woman, and don't forget our poll below!


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