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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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The term "Wonder Woman" can be applied to many different women living through all kinds of extremes all over the world, but the bravest women of all are the ones battling terminal disease. In an incredibly touching gesture Patty Jenkins, the director of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, has reached out to an incurably ill fan and vowed to try and get her to see the movie before her time runs out.

Terminally Ill Melissa Has Waited Her Whole Life To See This Movie

This is Melissa Bradley, a lifelong fan who is currently battling stage 4 ovarian cancer and who is desperate to see the new Wonder Woman movie with the little time she has left. Taking to Twitter, Melissa's sister Karyn sent a Tweet out to director Patty Jenkins and DC Comics explaining that Melissa has been waiting her whole life for this movie, and that it's on her bucket list of things to do before she succumbs to the cruel disease.

However, Arranging A Special Early Screening Might Be Difficult

With only a few months left until Wonder Woman is officially released, and with test screenings already having taken place, it's pretty certain that the movie has wrapped and that post production has finished. Consequently, the logistics of trying to get Melissa to see the movie is likely to be more a case of bargaining with Warner Brothers to allow an early special screening of the movie to be arranged just for this brave fan.

But 'Wonder Woman' Director, Patty Jenkins, Is Working On It

Regardless of the challenges that arise with trying to arrange such an early screening, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has reached out directly to Melissa's sister Karyn to let her know that she personally is working on making Melissa's wish come true.

With special screenings for terminally ill fans having previously been arranged for the likes of Pixar's Up, Disney's Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Warner Brother's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice however, things look hopeful that Melissa's dying wish may be granted — good luck Melissa!

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