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Wonder Woman has received rave reviews from both critics and fans alike and it looks like Diana is set to rescue the DCEU franchise with her solo film. Everyone from Lynda Carter to Rotten Tomatoes have bestowed praise upon and the film is everything fans of the superhero could have hoped for.

As is the case with every superhero film, Wonder Woman was bursting with Easter Eggs. The film not only credited former Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter during the credits, it featured several little nods to the classic show. Let's check them out below. Minor spoilers ahead, obviously.

Hippolyta's Farewell Speech To Diana

When Hippolyta bids farewell to her beloved daughter in Patty Jenkins' big screen blockbuster, several lines of dialogue are almost identical to those featured during a similar sequence in the pilot episode of the Lynda Carter classic TV series in which Carter's Diana says a fond farewell to her mother, played by American Gods actress Cloris Leachman.

Paradise Island

In the film, Steve Trevor describes Diana's homeland Themyscira as a "paradise island." While the uncharted island is commonly referred to as Themyscira, it was originally titled Paradise Island in the comic books and it was Paradise Island that was commonly used in the TV series.

The War

In the original comic books, Wonder Woman left Themyscira during the 1940s to take on the Nazis during World War II — a trait that was later adopted for the first season of the Lynda Carter TV show. Despite the fact that the new film is set much earlier — during the first World War — the time period shares many similarities with the one used in the first season of the show, most notably the fact that Diana and Steve unite during a world war to take on German enemies.

Dress Shopping

[Credit: ABC/Warner Bros]
[Credit: ABC/Warner Bros]

One of the funnier scenes in the new Wonder Woman film sees Diana dress shopping with Etta Candy. While there, several passers-by look the Amazon princess up and down in both shock and disgust, appalled at the superhero's dress sense. The pilot episode of the TV series featured a very similar sequence in which Wonder Woman goes shopping for clothing only to have older women look at her with disdain. It was pretty cool to see an homage to this iconic scene in the new film.

The Diana Prince Guise

In the original comic books, the character of Diana worked alongside Steve Trevor for quite some time, under the guise of Diana Prince, hiding her identity with a large pair of glasses and her hair tied back into a severe bun. The TV series heavily used the Diana Prince guise, as well as the glasses and the signature bun hairstyle during both the World War II episodes as well as the later episodes set in the '70s.

Although the film used the Diana Prince guise briefly, we did get to see Gadot wear the glasses for a couple of minutes before they were destroyed in combat. The film even poked fun at the notion that using glasses is somehow supposed to make Diana less attractive.

Letting Her Hair Down

There was a slow motion scene in the new film when Diana frees her hair from the severe bun hairstyle before heading into enemy territory. The sequence signified that Diana embracing her inner superhero and Wonder Woman was born. Although the iconic spin transformation was not used in the film, it certainly seemed that this scene was paying tribute to Diana's transformation from the classic TV series as Carter's Diana would immediately change into Wonder Woman when her hair was freed from its confines.

Wonder Woman is in theaters now. Were you a fan of the new Wonder Woman film? Tell us in the comment section below.


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