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Wonder Woman has shattered the expectations of fans and critics, and people are delighted with the first live-action movie adaptation of the legendary female superhero. Gal Gadot is resplendent as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, and the Patty Jenkins directed film has shattered the glass ceiling and box office records.

Wonder Woman is anchored by its heart, hope and sincerity, yet it also boasts some truly great action scenes. While some fans soaked in the awesome visuals of the movie, other people had a different reaction to seeing Princess Diana of Themyscira kicking ass on the big screen.

Many fans of Wonder Woman have recently taken to Twitter to share the intense emotions they felt while watching the titular heroine do battle during World War I, even admitting they cried during the amazing action sequences. But the reason for the tears is actually beautiful.

For The Love Of Wonder Woman

Warner Bros. knew that producing the first modern female-led superhero film for a major studio would be a big deal, but they couldn’t have known what impact the film would have on audiences. As it turns out, Wonder Woman touched people in a way that very few films have in the past, and fans took to Twitter to share how they felt after watching it:

Why Are People Crying During Wonder Woman?

The tweets listed above are only a few, and the rest share similar sentiments. Wonder Woman touched people in many ways, but for woman specifically, the film captured something they thought they would never see in a big budget superhero film. Diana represented the female audience in a way that they had never seen before. portrayed Wonder Woman as a kind, caring, and sympathetic woman, but she was also incredibly strong and independent.

The 'No Man's Land' scene where Diana emerges out of the trench was especially moving. In the face of danger and possible death, here was a woman who knew what she must do, and did it without a second thought. Audiences saw more than just a superhero running into danger, they saw a woman who did something that nobody else could and no man was brave enough to do. In that moment, Diana Prince became Wonder Woman, and the audience felt it. Women and men both saw that scene and believed in the character, and more importantly, what she represents.

Sure, other people were amazed to see a character they love represented so well on the big screen, but more importantly, women everywhere saw themselves and what they've always known they're capable of being represented. It's something for which , Gal Gadot, and Warner Bros. should be very proud.

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