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With Wonder Woman out June 2, promotion is in full swing for DCEU's first female superhero movie. At the premiere in Los Angeles on May 26, actress Gal Gadot posed with Lynda Carter, who famously brought Wonder Woman to life in the '70s TV series. Gadot has also been running around various TV shows and events to shine her Wonder Woman aura on the people, from teaching Conan how to fight to putting her Lasso of Truth to the test with Jimmy Fallon.

So it's not surprising that she's done most of these appearances — if not all of them — in flats, instead of painful, uncomfortable and impractical high heels of torture that still seem to be the norm for any event whose dress code requires a little more than sweatpants. For the record, flat shoes aren't necessarily sneakers, and can be just as elegant as the soles mounted on needles sharp enough to be classified as weapons that we like to call stilettos.

When asked about her footwear choice on the red carpet, comfort is exactly the reason Gadot gave, and good for her! What's actually surprising isn't the sandals that she wore, it's that the fashion coverage of her press tour makes it sound like she showed up with her underwear on her head. Flats being this groundbreaking really says a lot about the unrealistic expectations we set for female celebrities on the red carpet, when men can show up looking like they just woke up from a nap and be applauded for their stylish choices.

(Disclaimer: I have nothing against Jared Leto or his dubious combination of a winter hat and white socks with loafers, but I can only imagine the shocked reactions if Margot Robbie showed up in track pants and a trench coat at the Oscars afterparty.)

If you're a man getting ready to yell at me after reading this article, I urge you to spend an entire day with your face covered in makeup, your nipples taped, your ass and stomach compressed to half of their usual volume by shape underwear and your feet tightly strapped in 5-inch heels before you comment.

Wonder Woman comes out June 2, 2017.


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