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The DCEU is finally here and, in spite of the huge amount of disappointment fans all over the globe have shown, we are still very excited for the upcoming live-action movies. It is for sure that the most anticipated movies are Justice League and Wonder Woman, featuring one of the most beloved female character of DC Comics of all times: Diana Prince.

As Man of Steel and Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice set up a rather dark and dramatic tone for the DCEU, we couldn't help but remember our so-loved Justice League Animated Series and some of its most tragic and heartbreaking moments. There are so many episodes that left us almost in tears, but I wanted to recall here just the five most heartbreaking moments for Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman.

1. When She Was Banished From Themyscira

In this Season 1 episode "Paradise Lost," Diana, finding herself "in the men's world" fighting for justice, hopelessly falls into the depths of homesickness and decides to return to Themyscira. Once she arrives there, she finds a land destroyed by Felix Faust, an evil magician whose actions are dictated by Hades, the God of the Underworld. Diana tries everything in her power to save her mother and sisters, even accepting a deal with Faust, but she only succeeded in saving Themyscira and defeating Hades with the help of her male friends (the Justice League fellows). Even if she saved the day, her mother banished her from her homeland because she brought men onto the sacred amazonian island. She left with a broken heart and the Flash aggressively arguing her cause, leaving the viewers in tears.

2. When She Thought She Lost Her Newfound Best Friend

In the third and fourth episodes of Season 2, "Maid of Honor," Diana grows close to her new best friend Audrey, the princess of Kaznia. They spend time together, they party together and, while Audrey is excited to show Diana life's finest amusements, Diana grows fond of her and tries to protect her at all costs. Audrey is engaged and asks Diana to be her maid of honor, but soon Diana finds that the man whom Audrey will marry is Vandal Savage, an extremely dangerous immortal villain. Diana tries to convince Audrey of the mistake she's making, but she ends up in a cell at the Kaznia Castle, having to listen to the mean words Audrey has to say to her. Seeing Diana powerless in a cell and thinking that she lost her friend forever is really heartbreaking.

3. When She Visits Steve Trevor At His Senior Care Center

After traveling back in time, in a Nazi world ruled by Vandal Savage, Diana returns home with a broken heart. Episodes 24, 25 and 26 of Season 1, entitled "The Savage Time," present a version of World War II with a very different outcome. Returning to the Watchtower from a mission in a distant galaxy, all of the Justice League members (except Batman) are hit by a blinding flash of light. They land in Metropolis and find everything changed. They find themselves in a Nazi city, ruled by Vandal Savage, in the '40s. They engage and fight against Savage's army.

In the heart of the crisis, Diana meets Steve Trevor, a brave US military intelligence officer in the US Army Air Corps. They fall in love with each other (as every comic book fan would have expected to happen), and they fight together to defeat Vandal. When the war is over, Diana has to return in the present moment, leaving Steve behind. After returning home, Diana locates Steve's senior center and she visits him. He's old and sick, but he immediately recognize her, calling her for the last time "His Angel."

4. When She And Batman Seem An Impossible Love Affair

This scene is heartbreaking at so many levels, despite its light and funny tone. In Episode 5 of the first season of Justice League Unlimited, titled "This Little Piggy," we can see the connection between Bruce and Diana that was teased all over the Justice League Animated Series. They are in love with each other, but a relationship between those two pivotal members of the League seems impossible. This scene is highlighting both the differences between them and their sad, existential situations. In fact, the whole episode is about their impossible love that is both amazing and devastating at the same time.

5. When She Thought Superman Was Dead

If this scene did not leave you in tears, then I don't know what else would. This is a scene from "Hereafter," a Season 2 episode that shows a fight between the League and a bunch of supervillains including Toyman (who apparently kills Superman with a light weapon). In fact, he sends him in the future — 30,000 years in the future — where Vandal Savage is the only man left on Earth (the entire population being extinguished).

Back in the present moment, everybody thinks that Superman is dead, and Diana is really upset about it. She's so devastated that she wants to kill Toyman. Flash stops her, and although the animated series did not feature a romantic relationship between Clark and Diana, she still finds herself in a lot of pain for her friend and fellow League member's death.

Get to know the Amazonian warrior a bit better by watching the video below:

Justice League The Animated Series was a TV show I really loved and I believe that the DCEU has a lot to learn from it. These were just five heartbreaking moments for Wonder Woman in the series, but the show has so many other scenes worth remembering. Tell us your favorite in a comment below.


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