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Wonder Woman's release is fast approaching, and the footage we've seen so far suggests that the movie will be as comic-faithful as it gets. It's inevitable that the film will contain fun, familiar references from Diana's past appearances, which will capture our nerdy hearts.

One such reference has surfaced online, and it's a perfect homage to Diana's past. This new glimpse at Wonder Woman surfaced in the form of screencaps, which show Diana adjusting to modern life in London, and discovering a treat she never experienced on Themyscira: ice cream. As well as being a cute (and for Diana, life-changingly delicious) moment, this scene takes its inspiration from the DC animated film Justice League: War. Take a look at the scene below, side-by-side with its animated counterpart.

It's worth mentioning that : War wasn't where Diana's sweet revelation first appeared. The animated movie is adapted from Geoff Johns' 2012 graphic novel, Justice League: Origin, which also included Wonder Woman's new-found love for frozen dessert.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Many fans wanted a lighthearted, entertaining story from the , and as the Wonder Woman scene above proves, their wishes might be about to come true. Either way, it's safe to bet that the Amazon Princess's solo debut will be better than ice cream — and that's saying a lot.

Wonder Woman will be playing at a theater near you on June 2. What are you most excited to see in the heroine's solo adventure? Tell us in the comments below!


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