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The release of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman has been the much needed boost that the DCEU needed. Not only have audiences left cinemas grinning, but critics were also quick to lavish the film with praise, something which is a rare combo for films under the DC umbrella.

The reception of means superhero fans are now bursting with even more anticipation for the next film, Zach Snyder's Justice League, and if you were paying close attention to Wonder Woman then you may just have noticed a tiny nod to Justice League in one of the film's opening moments.

As Wonder Woman opened we were treated to an aerial shot of the Louvre museum in Paris, and shortly after Diana enters the building we see a Wayne Enterprises van pull up and unload a briefcase. As the briefcase is being unloaded the audience gets a quick look at the van's license plate, and can see that it reads "JL 828 VZM" — undoubtedly a nod to Justice League, making it a very sly Easter Egg for DC fans.

But while they just might be an Easter Egg for viewers of the film, others have speculated that it could even mean that this is proof that Bruce Wayne could possibly already have the copyright over the name, Justice League.

And if that sounds a little far fetched, theres even a whole Tumblr theory on how "JL 828 VZM" could be a reference Superman Issue 82, Vol 2, which is the issue where Superman comes back to life. It's a little crazy, but hey, this is the DCEU!

While there's bound to be many more Easter Eggs throughout Wonder Woman that will be revealed by eagle-eyed fans over the next few weeks, for now we know of at least one tip of the hat to the group of heroes known as the Justice League, a contingent who will soon unite in order to save the world.

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