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Wonder Woman has been winning hearts all over the world, and it's had a positive impact on audiences of all ages, especially younger viewers. And the director of the movie, Patty Jenkins, has got the proof for it.

took to Twitter to share a beautiful letter written by a kindergarten teacher. The letter was about the turn of events at the school within a week of the movie's release:

From a boy obsessed with Iron Man wanting a Wonder Woman lunchbox to a girl who answers only when addressed as "Wonder Woman," these adorable stories from the class help in showing the influence of Wonder Woman on the next generation. As a director of a movie, you want nothing more than to inspire, and that's why Patty shared her joy with the rest of the world with this tweet. She also went on to thank the teacher who wrote the letter:

"This makes every hard day worth it."

These kids are lucky enough to be growing up in a world that has 's Wonder Woman. Seeing the impact that Wonder Woman has had on these kids, there is absolutely no doubt that more such movies are needed — with more directors like Patty Jenkins at helm who are ready to inspire.

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