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Wonder Woman is absolutely dominating the box office, and not just against her own DC Extended Universe cohorts; Marvel films like Deadpool and Iron Man have already fallen behind the Amazonian warrior in terms of box office sales. The incredible thing — well, one of the incredible things — about Wonder Woman's rise to the top is that the film has the potential to be the highest grossing superhero origin film ever made, period.

Currently, there is only one origin story standing in the way of Wonder Woman's rise to the top: Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, which has earned $821 million world wide, as compared to the $745 million that Wonder Woman has earned thus far.

As you can imagine, in the domestic box office, Wonder Woman is slowing down a bit as fans have already seen it a few times, and most casual moviegoers won't watch the same movie multiple times in theaters. Yet, there's still a good chance that Wonder Woman will clear another $35 million over the next few weeks before it finishes out its North American run, along with the overseas earnings, putting it closer to $775 – $785 million by August.

You may say that that still falls short of Spider-Man, but there's one interesting facet of the box office numbers that hasn't come into play: The film hasn't premiered in Japan yet.

Japanese Wonder Woman poster [Image Credit: DC/Warner Bros.]
Japanese Wonder Woman poster [Image Credit: DC/Warner Bros.]

Could Japan Really Make That Much Of A Difference?

Although Japan won't reach numbers like we've seen in the United States ($368), China ($88M), or Brazil ( $31M), other films in the (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad) have surpassed $15 million ($19 & $16 million respectively) in Japan. so it's not that far-fetched to think that there's a good chance that Wonder Woman could earn a cool $15 to $20 million, given how much positive press it's garnered from the rest of the world.

The film has already surpassed the worldwide box office totals of all the current shared universe films, except ($873M), and doesn't look to be stopped on the way to the top. Wonder Woman is breaking records across the world and is on pace to become one of the highest grossing solo superhero films that could easily overtake Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as the top superhero movie of 2017.

However you look at it, the fact is that Wonder Woman is crushing it, and fans around the world are loving the origin story of one of DC's most pivotal heroes.

Do you think Wonder Woman will surpass $821 million before it leaves theaters around the world? Tell us in the comments!


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