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Wonder Woman is chocked full of incredible, emotional and unforgettable moments, more so than any comic book film I've seen in recent years. There is so much to enjoy about Wonder Woman and so many wonderful moments, here are my top 10 favorite. MAJOR SPOILERS ahead.

10. Diana's Training

Themyscira is an island full of warrior women, yet Diana has been forbidden to train by her mother, Queen Hippolyta. After she begins training in secret with her aunt, the mighty Antiope, she hones her skills as a warrior. We see her training through her infancy and adolescence and finally as a fully grown woman, taking on all who challenge her.

Antiope is the only Amazon who stands any real chance against Diana. In an attempt to defend herself against Antiope's attacks, Diana accidentally and unknowingly causes a shockwave blast that knocks everyone off their feet. This was just a glimpse of the power Diana would eventually discover within herself.

9. The Invasion Of Themyscira

The first large action scene of the film takes place when an army of German soldiers breach the island of Themyscira in their attempt to capture Steve Trevor. The Amazons attack in full force, using swords, spears and arrows to lay waste to the enemy invaders. The scene ends with the unfortunate yet meaningful death of Antiope after she sacrifices her life to save Diana. This was our first look at the emotion of the film. Diana's first battle took the life of someone close to her; it's definitely a reason why she decides to leave her home and fight the war.

8. 'You Have Been My Greatest Love. Today You Are My Greatest Sorrow'

When Diana secretly frees Steve Trevor and heads to the docks to leave Themyscira, she is followed by her mother. The Queen does not attempt to stop Diana (she knows that she cannot), for in her heart is a burning desire to help those in need. This scene carries so much weight because it's a mother and a daughter seeing each other for the very last time. Hippolyta banishes Diana, no matter how much it hurts her to do so. It's a tragic and emotionally gut-punching scene.

7. 'The Bad Guy Convention'

After buying Diana some more appropriate clothing for 1917 London, Steve and Diana are confronted by undercover German operatives in an alleyway. Diana defends Steve and takes out all of the bad guys, switching between attacking and defending at all times. It's a fantastically shot scene and ends with Steve finishing off Diana's handy work with a very Harrison Ford-ish punch to a German's face. The scene is a confirmed homage to a similar scene in Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie, where Clark Kent saves Lois by catching a bullet.

6. No Man's Land

This is the moment that will go down in superhero movie history as one of the all-time greats. It's our first real look at Wonder Woman in action, our first good look at her iconic costume, and one of the most heroic moments of film I've ever seen. Diana marches towards the enemy trench, deflecting projectiles with her gauntlets and shield. It's dangerous but there's a hint of a smile on her face. The music swells and the cinematography is breathtaking. The scene carries on into the town of Veld, where the Wonder Woman theme music from Batman v Superman kicks in. The entire scene is fantastic but the moment when she emerges from a trench sends chills down my spine.

5. Diana And Steve's Dance

After Diana and her team liberate the town of Veld, they celebrate with drinks and a dance. Diana laughs at their "swaying" before Steve takes her hand and the two share an intimate and deeply human moment. Diana asks Steve if this is what life is like when there are no wars to fight. He goes on to tell her of people starting families and going about their daily lives. She asks him what it's like, and he admits that he has no idea. We don't get much backstory on Steve, but this one line says so much about his character. He's unfamiliar with a normal life and the look in his eyes is somewhat hopeful that he can possibly share that with Diana. This was the moment where they fell in love.

4. 'Your Wrath Upon This World...Is Over'

After the battle in Veld, Diana is certain that Ares is posing in human form as General Ludendorff. After Veld is then gassed (another poignant and beautifully shot scene), Diana heads to Lundendorff to end this once and for all. While Ludendorff certainly puts up a decent fight against Diana (thanks to Dr. Maru's gas), he was no match for her.

After defeating Ludendorff and stabbing him through the chest, Diana expects the war to stop and the world to revert to peace, but she was wrong. Ludendorff was not the God of War, and the soldiers still carry on with their plans to gas London. The look on Diana's face is utterly heartbreaking once she realises she was mistaken.

3. 'We Are All To Blame'

After Ludendorff dies at the hands of Diana, she realises that the war hasn't instantly ended like she had hoped. Steve tells her that maybe Ares isn't behind this and that men aren't all good. Diana tells Steve that she shares none of the blame for this awful war, and he admits that maybe he does. He's not all good; he's done some terrible things in this war, despite being for the right reasons. This was the scene where Chris Pine truly blew me away, and despite being great in the Star Trek films and last year's Hell or High Water, his performance as Steve Trevor is easily the best of his career.

2. Wonder Woman Versus Ares

Comic book movies have a convention where the third act battle needs to be larger than life, filled with explosions and CGI. The third act battle of is certainly conventional, but I believe it works better than most we've seen from the genre. Sir Patrick is revealed to be Ares and he and Diana fight to the death on the airfield. He attempts to sway her to his side by showing her the true ugliness of humanity. She spares Dr. Maru and defeats Ares by embracing her full power. It's a visually stunning and thematically brilliant finale filled with great action and effective emotional beats.

1. 'I Can Save Today. You Can Save The World'

After Diana suffers a major blow by Ares, Steve talks to her, but she cannot hear him. He leaves her his watch and jumps on the enemy plane. After he sacrifices himself, we flash back to what was said between them. Diana desperately asks Steve to let her do whatever he's about to do. He says goodbye, confesses his love and leaves her his watch. The best line of the film comes in this moment: "I can save today. You can save the world." It really signifies Wonder Woman's importance, and Steve recognises that she can do so much more than just save today. This flashback reminds Diana of her duty and replaces her rage with compassion.

Those are my top 10 favorite moments from Wonder Woman. I want know your favorite moment! Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @JamesPorter97.


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