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With the approaching release of the 's first female solo movie (and while we're still waiting for Marvel Studios to wake up and give Black Widow her own story, too), it might be a bit confusing to keep track of what's going to happen in the movie versus the comics, with a new series currently being released at DC Comics.

But based on what we know of the plot, only certain story arcs could inspire the cinematic version of Wonder Woman, while some we're hoping to see might not make it into the movie at all. So if you want to enter the theater with some background knowledge of Wonder Woman or discuss the accuracy of her big screen adaptation, here's your roundup of all movie-related comic book topics.

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The Movie Version Of Wonder Woman Is Making The Best Out Of Her Various Origin Stories

Wonder Woman's birth before the New 52 in 'Wonder Woman' #2 [Credit: DC Comics]
Wonder Woman's birth before the New 52 in 'Wonder Woman' #2 [Credit: DC Comics]

With 75 years of Wonder Woman comics, it's not surprising that there's more than one version of Diana's birth. And while she was originally molded in clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta, before being brought to life by Aphrodite, the New 52 revamp of Comics had suggested that she needed a real father, who was first Zeus and then Hercules.

Fans of the independent , growing up on an island free of men, deplored this alteration of her origin, so it's good to see the DCEU isn't keeping that element from the Wonder Woman comics. In the trailer, we can already hear Diana say:

"I have no father. I was brought to life by Zeus."

Based on that statement, it's clear that while her birth still involves the intervention of an Olympian God — hence giving her demi-god powers — she's truly never met a man before Steve Trevor washes up on her island.

The World War I Background Is Perfect To Introduce Wonder Woman To The DCEU

While she was created during World War II, setting her solo film during World War I is an excellent idea. Not only is it the perfect background for her warrior training, but the hopeful and kind personality that have always characterized the Wonder Woman comics will shine even more in the midst of the war's horrors. It's also important to keep in mind she was created as a symbol of female power at a time when that was still a novel concept, so it's still crucial to put her in a context where she stands out as a woman.

'Wonder Woman' Could Hint At An Amazon-Atlantean War

Aquaman isn't happy [Credit: DC Comics]
Aquaman isn't happy [Credit: DC Comics]

Remember that time Aquaman cheated on his wife Mera with Diana, and Mera tried to kill Diana in a fit of rage, except that she failed and died at the hands of Diana? Wonder Woman comics can be crazy like that. The fight triggered an entire conflict between their two peoples, the Amazons and the Atlanteans. Although that's only an event in the alternate Flashpoint timeline, a tiny hint at the rivalry could provide more background to Aquaman's reticence to join the Justice League, or at least spice up things between him and Wonder Woman.

Will We See A Bisexual Wonder Woman In The Movie?

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Yes, the Wonder Woman comics have portrayed her as bisexual. As such, it makes sense to wonder if the movie will hint at the various romances happening on Themyscira, where no men are allowed, or if the plot will just stick to Diana's main love interest Steve Trevor.

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