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It's often said that the DCEU is a "dark" cinematic universe, the kind of space that could turn a visit from Batman's mother-in-law into a catastrophic and potentially world-ending Doomsday scenario — and yes, I'd pay good money to see that, but when it comes to Wonder Woman, the could really use a glimmer of hope.

The good news is that people in the industry are beginning to see Wonder Woman's first solo adventure, and the early reaction to the Patty Jenkins-directed war epic is looking pretty positive.

'Exciting In Every Way'

John Shaw, president of the organization Theater Manager Associates, attended a Wonder Woman screening this week and immediately began singing the movie's praises in a big way:

Sure, this is no guarantee that will actually be good — bear in mind that Shaw's profession means it's in his best interests to hype this movie a little — but he's also just an average movie-goer, not a DC fanboy.

The two films obviously have plenty in common — both are origin stories framed against a world war with an optimistic, fundamentally good protagonist — but the comparison to Captain America: The First Avenger is especially interesting because Marvel's movie established its tone immediately.

If Wonder Woman is equally sure of itself, rather than plagued by the wild tonal inconsistencies of Suicide Squad, critics are guaranteed to give this movie a way easier ride than everything that's come before in the DCEU. It'll also just be a straight-up relief not to have to make excuses for what's happening on screen and start dreaming of the perfect "director's cut."

In the six years since The First Avenger came out, superhero movies have become wildly more popular, so regardless of its quality, DC will be hoping Wonder Woman makes more than $370 million globally. We'll know soon enough whether she has audiences in the grip of her lasso — Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2, ahead of Justice League on November 17. Fingers crossed.

Do you trust DC to deliver with Wonder Woman?


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