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It might be the summer, but our days have been lacking a certain touch of wonder since Wonder Woman stormed out of theaters — taking her impressive $800 million box office earnings with her. Thankfully, this Amazon-bereft era is coming to a close, with the home release of just around the corner. And if that wasn't good news enough, accompanying the Blu-Ray and DVD release is a brand new epilogue tacked on to the movie.

The press release describes the new scenes as "Etta Candy's mission," as she "gets the boys back together for a secret mission that could impact humanity’s future." Now I don't know about you, but that sounds a) awesome, and b) a sure fire lead-in to , which will see Diana team up with her fellow superheroes to take down Stepphenwolf. And we've even got a sneak peek at the mission, courtesy of Yahoo Movies...

Accosting Diana's old team-mates at the very bar in which they met, Etta comes bearing tea and instructions for a new mission: To recover an ancient artifact uncovered by the bombing of Liège.

"It’s very old. It’s very powerful. They want us to recover the artifact and deliver it to the Americans. I mean, we don’t want it in the wrong hands, do we?"

So what is this mysterious object? The smart money's on it being a Mother Box — alien technology courtesy of Darkseid, which somehow factors into Stepphenwolf's plan to conquer Earth. It looks like the are interweaving their cinematic adventures in much the same way the MCU did, planting hints for upcoming movies and setting the scene for Justice League. In fact, the Mother Box that Etta and the boys recover could be the very same one that Victor Stone later uses to save his son's life — turning him into Cyborg in the process.

Etta's mission might also give us some hints about why the Mother Boxes are on Earth in the first place — are they part of a grand master plan, or did forgetful Stepphenwolf misplace the boxes here when he was taking a quick vacation millennia ago? It's hard to say, but thanks to the new epilogue, we'll have some more clues soon enough.

Beyond crafty hints for the next DCEU adventure, this epilogue is super exciting because we might finally get to see Etta engage in the kind of brawling "fisticuffs" that her comic book character was known for. Yeah, get 'em Etta!

And it's not just more Etta Candy we'll be getting from the Wonder Woman home release. The DVD and Blu-Ray copies also include...

  • Crafting the Wonder — a documentary journey through the production of Wonder Woman.
  • Warriors of Wonder Woman — a look behind the scenes at the intense training regimen the Amazon actresses completed.
  • The Trinity — filmmakers and comic book writers explore Wonder Woman's role as one of DC's Holy Trinity of heroes, and how she became as iconic as Batman and Superman.
  • Finding the Wonder Woman Within — award-winning poets and inspiring public figures discuss how they were inspired by Wonder Woman.
  • Extended Scenes — Jenkins famously cut no scenes from Wonder Woman, but there are some snippets of additional footage.
  • Blooper Reel — with such an endearing cast, this is sure to be a riot.

The Wonder Woman digital release will hit our laptop screens on August 29, and we only have to wait a little longer until the September 19 to take the Amazon princess home — and discover Etta Candy's final mission.

Tell us in the comments: Why do you think the Mother Boxes were left on Earth?

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