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There's been a lot of of concern surrounding Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman. Coming right after two of DC's most polarizing films to date, there are a lot of expectations riding on it, as fans have patiently waited to see whether Wonder Woman's first live-action outing could become the hit the troubled sorely needs.

Fortunately, it looks like neither Warner Bros. nor fans have anything to worry about. A select group of journalists recently attended a screening for , and now that the embargo has lifted, first impressions have hit the internet. So let's take a look at what journalists had to say about the film:

'You'll Walk Out, For Once, Feeling Downright Inspired By A DC Movie' — Alisha Grauso

Movie Pilot's own Alisha Grauso states DC is finally on the right track with Wonder Woman:

She went on to praise 's performance. Unlike the tired and uninspiring somberness of superheroes in the DCEU, Gadot's Wonder Woman was a superheroine that felt like a superheroine.

Of course, as with any film, there are elements that could be better. Fortunately, those will not take away from the joy you'll feel after watching Diana Prince's first big screen live-action adventure.

'The Best DC Movie Since 'The Dark Knight'' — Silas Lesnick

The Dark Knight is considered one of the best — if not the best — comic book movie in history. Well,'s Silas Lesnick calls Wonder Woman the best DC film ever since Christopher Nolan's classic. That's a tall order, but it's incredibly exciting to see that film used as a comparison.

'Best DC Movie So Far' — Dave Schilling

Bleacher Report's Dave Schilling cautions that while the film starts out slow, it's still optimistic, emotional and much brighter than anything we've seen from the DCEU.

Schilling adds that Gal Gadot cements herself as a movie star through her powerful performance as Diana Prince.

''Wonder Woman' Is, Against All Odds, Pretty Damn Wondrous' — Anna Klassen

Anna Klassen, from Bustle, appropriately calls the film "wondrous."

Klassen states that Wonder Woman stays away from Zack Snyder's influence in favor of Patty Jenkins' signature style. That, she says, greatly benefitted the film...

'Fierce, Funny, Well-Written And Badass' — Erik Davis

Fandango's Erik Davis called Wonder Woman his favorite DCEU film. According to him, it has just the right mix of elements to make the film a worthy solo outing for the beloved superheroine.

''Wonder Woman Is Easily The Best DCEU Movie So Far' — Haleigh Foutch

Collider's Haleigh Foutch also calls Wonder Woman the best installment in the DCEU so far, praising and Gal Gadot's performances as Steve Trevor and Diana Prince, respectively.

Now, Foutch cautions the movie has some problems, especially toward the third act. Those are probably minor though, as they won't stop her from going to watch it a second time.

'Easily The Best Of The DCEU' — Mike Ryan

Uproxx's Mike Ryan's loved Wonder Woman and its similarities to Christopher Reeve's classic first Superman film, in that they gave audiences a pure hero stripped of unnecessary dramatic baggage.

Ryan then joins the excitement in calling the film the best the DCEU currently has to offer, being a great fusion of elements from Marvel's The First Avenger and Thor.

Those are the first reactions for Wonder Woman. Appeasing our worries, Patty Jenkins' superhero adventure seems to not only be good, but an amazing contribution to the ever-expanding superhero movie genre.

We recently learned Warner Bros. is developing a Wonder Woman sequel. Going by these reviews, Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot have managed to cement Wonder Woman as one of the greatest live-action superheroes. I certainly can't wait to firstly see and experience this wonderful journey by myself, and to secondly see what Warner Bros. and Patty Jenkins have in store for Diana Prince.

Wonder Woman flies into theaters on June 2, 2017.

What do you think about the first Wonder Woman reactions? Let me know in the comments!


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