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Wonder Woman is a runaway hit, leaving studios with no more excuses not to make female-centric superhero movies. While a sequel has not yet been confirmed, the film's success makes it all but certain. Here are a few ways a sequel could go:

1. Another War

While classic Wonder Woman comics and the '70s TV series staring Lynda Carter had the character battling Nazis during World War II, the film put a new spin on the tale by having Diana Prince arrive in the world of men during World War I instead. However, as Diana is still living among men in the present day, apparently unable to return to her home on Themyscira, she was also present for the events of WWII and other wars that followed. A sequel could follow her actions during any of these periods.

While a film set during WWII would be accurate to Wonder Woman's source material, it could be seen as retreading ground that the first film has already covered. Director Patty Jenkins has stated that she would like to make a sequel set in the present day.

2. Life In The Aftermath Of Justice League

Before any sequel comes to pass, Wonder Woman will share the stage with a team of her fellow icons in the upcoming film. The big screen team-up will have the heroes battle Darkseid, one of the greatest threats in the DC universe. Justice League is expected to forever change and expand the scope of the , just as the first Avengers film did for the MCU.

Diana has been able to fly mostly under the radar when using her Wonder Woman identity so far, but that will most likely change after the events of Justice League. She will have to adjust to life where her heroism — and superheroism as a whole — is more out in the open, and therefore more open to criticism if things go wrong. She may also face the risk of her immortality being revealed, which could prompt fear in some circles. This would all be interesting to explore, and fit with the modern-day setting the director has suggested.

3. Trouble On Themyscira

Another option could be to have Diana return to Themyscira, the island she and the Amazons call home. Both Connie Nielsen's Queen Hippolyta and Robin Wright as General Antiope have been confirmed to appear in Justice League, though Antiope's death in Wonder Woman suggests that this may only be a flashback sequence. Still, the presence of these characters in such a big film tells us that Themyscira has a further role to play in the DCEU. Diana may return to Themyscira if it falls under attack. Alternatively, she may unintentionally lead danger there herself while visiting for another reason.

The scene in which the Amazons fend off the German soldiers is one of the most highly praised sequences in Wonder Woman. DC could attempt to repeat this success on a larger scale by basing a whole film around such scenes.

4. Meeting Wonder Girl

As referenced in Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, there has already been at least one Robin DCEU Batman's history. This tells us that the DCEU is not opposed to bringing the heroes' sidekicks into play, so it is entirely possible that a Wonder Woman sequel could introduce the character of Wonder Girl. If Ben Affleck is up for a cameo, this scenario could raise an ethical dilemma between the heroes over allowing teenagers into battle, with discouraging Wonder Woman from taking on a sidekick due to the tragic fate of Robin. Diana could eventually reject this advice and train Wonder Girl as an Amazon, possibly to honor the legacy left by Antiope in training her.

The biggest question raised here is which Wonder Girl the film would use — Donna Troy, or Cassie Sandsmark? Maybe just use both, and have Donna use her later superhero persona of Troia, while Cassie remains Wonder Girl.

With Wonder Woman's success, DC could hardly say no to a new trio of strong female heroes.

What would you like to see in a Wonder Woman sequel?


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