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With and still ruling the superhero roost with , there is no sign of the female-first powerhouse slowing down. After lassoing a tidy $300 million at the box office, you can forget rusty robots and soggy pirates, Diana, princess of Themyscira, is still all anyone is talking about.

However, away from Chris Pine's glistening torso and talk of a sequel, fans have been discussing something else around the water cooler. Giving us a tale of gods and monsters, Wonder Woman neatly opened the door to a whole world of mythos that will surely be explored in the continuing franchise. Now, one of the film's stars has taken time out of telling campfire stories to confirm one pretty major fan theory.

Taking A 'Chief' Out Of Diana's Book

Writing on Twitter, Eugene Brave Rock gave another level of mystery to his character of Chief. Thanks to a translation in a movie review by Indian County Today's Vincent Schilling, we have already heard that Wonder Woman may have introduced Chief as a demi-god akin to Diana — but Brave Rock just went and gave that hypothesis a big green tick in the yes department:

In Schilling's translation of Chief and Diana's Blackfoot conversation, eagle-eyed Movie Pilot staff writer Eleanor Tremeer noticed that he referred to himself as Napi, the Native American god of creation. While Diana got down and dirty in the trenches of WWI, Chief formed part of Steve Trevor's ensemble squad who assisted our hardened heroine, but with Brave Rock confirming his godly status, you can only imagine that Chief's role will be expanded in the sequels.

Chief may have been sidelined in favor of the wonderful pairing of Diana and Steve, meaning that Brave Rock didn't have a particularly large part, however, surviving the attacks of General Ludendorff and Ares, there is every possibility Chief could be back for more. With hopes that Chief, Charlie, Sameer, and Etta won't be lost to the ages, could our heroes return to war and kick some Nazi butt?

Although the timeline for Wonder Woman 2 is undisclosed, even if we continue Diana's exploits in the 21st century, Chief could easily return thanks to his (presumably) ageless properties shared with the film's lead. There will surely be a sense of loneliness if we do keep Diana in the modern day — already poignant enough with her loss of Steve Trevor — so having Chief pop by would make the adventures of the Amazonian warrior a little less solitary while also being a faithful nod to her past.

While some of the characters could easily just be a one-film pony, you have to imagine that Brave Rock's confirmation means that all parties expect Chief to stick around for a little longer. Although Wonder Woman dealt with Ares as the god of war, Jenkins certainly teased the idea of a much larger tapestry of deities out there.

There is no word from the director or Warner Bros. to officially pass comment on Chief's backstory, but even if it is just Brave Rock confirming the characterization himself, the character's demi-god status only adds to the intelligence of the film. With fans already guessing who could lead us into the (currently unscheduled) sequel, we can assume that Zeus will play a big part, but also that Chief will be back for more pep talks with our leading lady.

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(Source: Indian County Today)


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