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Is it any wonder that we are still talking about Wonder Woman? Being the first big screen adventure for Diana Prince, containing Chris Pine's rippling abs, and Gal Gadot's impressive physique, the film has more than enough to keep us yapping, but now the film has smashed another record. A slew of positive reviews and a scorching box office success has lead to being given a green light on a sequel, and has revived the reputation of the .

Director Patty Jenkins has firmly sat herself in the great DC throne, eclipsing the work of Zack Snyder, and crowned herself queen of the superhero directors. As well as being the highest grossing film from the DCEU in the US, Wonder Woman now has another reason to celebrate: The franchise just made it over the $3 billion mark.

Is It Any Wonder?

Gadot starred as the powerful Amazonian in the female-first spectacle, which worked with the rest of the universe instead of pushing against it. Wonder Woman seamlessly slotted into the film slate just in time to reignite our hopes for the upcoming . Despite a lower opening than the maligned Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman has now lassoed an impressive $700 million at the box office and showered praise upon the Warner Bros. studios.

Playing catch-up with Marvel's , DC has struggled since getting its feet off the ground. Even with the likes of Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman being big box office hitters, they have struggled in the review stakes with some pretty divisive features. While the DCEU may have crossed the $3 billion threshold, there is still some way to go before it can reach the MCU, which is nearly at $12 billion. However, with DC only having four films compared to Marvel's 15, let's give Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman a bit of a break.

Despite what people may think of the DCEU, last year was pretty impressive for the superhero powerhouse, as Batman v Superman took the universe past $1 billion and Suicide Squad went beyond $2 billion. Say what you want about the grimy backdrop of the DCEU, but the figures speak for themselves. However, given the critical reception, it's good to see DC took note and Wonder Woman proved that the franchise doesn't have to be all about doom and gloom. Given the haul of dollar that the recent run of films has had, it is entirely possible that Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon's superhero team-up could be another record-breaker and we're all questioning whether could break the $4 billion barrier.

As the DCEU expands its slate at an almost MCU rate, lighter adventures like Aquaman and The Flash hope to cast off the dark shadows and assumptions that have dogged the franchise. However, with lesser entities like Cyborg and Justice League Dark tipped for the future, can we continue relying on our heroes to bring home the bacon? Either way, Wonder Woman will likely remain the jewel in the DC crown for many years to come and be one for the history books, while Jenkins has made it possible for the DC bigwigs to buy their own fleet of invisible jets.

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