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Brian Salisbury

Since San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year, one of the biggest ongoing movie news stories has been the development of 's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And why not? We are talking about two of the biggest, most mainstream comic book heroes clashing for the first time in a single movie. In short, it's a meeting of the big boys.

But according to recent reports, it may not just be the boys who get to have all the fun. /Film is reporting that, during the Comikaze Expo over the weekend, Thor: The Dark World co-star Jamie Alexander (who plays the formidable warrior Sif) mentioned that she had been taking meetings with DC and Marvel about prospective superhero projects. Things got even juicier when she alluded to the fact that she already “kind of knows the story line” for Batman vs. Superman.

There has been a rumor rolling around recently that DC/WB wants to debut a big screen Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman as they continue to deliberate over giving her a solo movie. Given Alexander's comments, and what we know of DC/WB's plans, it really does seem like Jamie will be Wonder Woman and make her debut in Batman vs. Superman.

Now me? I've been carrying a torch for to play Wonder Woman, but it makes sense to me why Warner Brothers is looking to hire someone who is already a presence in the filmic superhero community; again, they are very skittish about Wonder Woman's drawing power. It would also fit that Wonder Woman would be inserted into this movie given how hard the studio is trying to get that long-gestating Justice League film off the ground.

Makes me wonder if Jamie Alexander's Wonder Woman might just show up in a post-credit stinger.

What do you guys think?


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