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Before you click the back button on your browser, I ask that you take a deep breath and approach this list with an open mind. It's all right to enjoy both the MCU and the DCEU.

It's also all right to enjoy the thought of Wonder Woman defeating the Avengers one by one.

When it comes to the source material, a few MCU and DCEU characters don't seem to be as rounded as their comic book counterparts. For example, the DCEU's Wonder Woman can't fly, and the MCU's Thor hasn't really showcased the overwhelming power he happens to have in the comics.

So, considering those differences, let's talk about a few characters from the MCU that the DCEU's Wonder Woman could annihilate.

1. Iron Man

In the eight years that Iron Man has been in the MCU, we've seen him go up against an army of aliens and a vindictive copycat, among many other adversaries. Despite being just a man, his wit alone has made him one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. But is that enough to go up against the DCEU's Wonder Woman? I don't think so.

If Iron Man barely stood a chance against a super soldier in Civil War, then what makes us think he could stand a chance against an Amazonian? Being a warrior princess with little to no regard for the lives of her enemies, the DCEU's Wonder Woman has the arsenal and more than enough strength to tear Tony Stark apart. Seeing Wonder Woman lassoing Doomsday, a creature strong enough to kill the Man of Steel, makes me think Iron Man would be annihilated.

2. Ant-Man

Although this fight wouldn't last very long, it sure would be entertaining, considering the banter that Ant-Man is known to conjure up. When pint-sized, Ant-Man has the same strength as he does when he's fully-sized. That being said, there's not much he could do to this Amazonian princess.

If Scott Lang were to grow as he did in Civil War, it would only give Wonder Woman a bigger target to hit in order to bring him down. Instead of it looking like The Empire Strikes Back, it would more look like the story of Achilles. In a fight between these two, Ant-Man without a doubt faces certain death.

3. Captain America

Fighting in a war with a shield on her arm makes Wonder Woman the Captain America of the DCEU. Okay, perhaps that comparison is quite ridiculous. While both have been trained to kill, I don't think Captain America has been trained to withstand a blow from a lunging Amazonian.

Despite appearing in only one movie so far, we have a good idea of how strong Wonder Woman is. Although Cap is a pretty tough chap, when we compare him to Diana, well...come on. The odds aren't really in his favor.

4. Thor

Yes, that's right. I believe that the DCEU's Wonder Woman could take down the MCU's God of Thunder. As I mentioned earlier, the MCU has seemed to slow down Thor and his power. So far, in my opinion, he hasn't impressed in feats of strength.

Both being warriors who enjoy a good fight, it goes without saying that this would be a battle for the ages. Strength-wise, the two seem to be evenly matched. Speed-wise, Wonder Woman looks to take the cake. I believe that would be the determining factor, making Wonder Woman the victor. I'm sure she's not afraid of a little thunder.

5. The Hulk

This one is probably debatable. Some fans will argue that the MCU's Hulk isn't as strong as he should be — he was knocked out by a solid jab delivered by none other than Iron Man. While Stark was in the armor made to take Hulk on, I assumed it would be more of a challenge to take down the green behemoth.

Now, looking at Wonder Woman's proficiency with beasts in just one movie, I think it's fair to say that she could not only take on, but take down, the Hulk. There is no doubt that the Amazonian would enjoy a rumble with an opponent of this size and strength. Despite being a good matchup, I believe Wonder Woman would come out on top. If she could take an arm off of Doomsday, she could take the head off of Hulk. After all, she has killed beasts from other worlds before.


Disagree? Who do you think could defeat Wonder Woman?


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