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Tino Jochimsen

If you still lacked a reason to watch 's elegiac martial arts epic The Grandmaster, let legendary director and movie devouring cineast tell you a little something about said movie:

“Wong Kar Wai has turned martial arts into a modern dance. [...] Every movement hit with precision, every emotion drenched with underlying honor. The Grandmaster, arranged with both elegance and fury, left me mesmerized.”

There you have it! Marty loved it and is putting his name where his mouth is. According to Deadline, the biopic about martial arts icon Yip Man will arrive in theaters with a "presented by Martin Scorsese" preceding it.

Harvey Weinstein, Co-Chairman of The Weinstein Company which is distributing The Grandmaster, said:

“Marty Scorsese’s reaction to The Grandmaster couldn’t have been more enthusiastic. When Marty champions a film, nothing is better; it is the ultimate seal of approval. I look forward to audiences seeing this wildly entertaining and artistic film.”

The Grandmaster elegantly pummels its way to the big screen on August 23.


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