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Quinn Vincent Hough

's latest film, Blue Jasmine, is a beautiful reminder of how rich storytelling can transcend the ordinary into the unforgettable. The story of Jasmine is an all too familiar tale of how a simple twist of fate can flip the script and erase the pages entirely.

The black-and-white opening credits of a Woody Allen joint never seem to burn out. They continue to remind the viewer, at least this one, of an ageless style that is eternally cool. It was a thrill for me to experience Blue Jasmine in the historic Fargo Theatre, as I am unable to remember the last time I saw one of Allen's pictures on the big screen. The experience was one of pure excitement, which immediately took me down the road to pure cinema.

The main character of Jasmine () knows her plight, just as all the supporting characters do. The theme of entitlement constantly surrounds Jasmine, but ultimately the film is a story of loss and acceptance. Jasmine has left her glamorous Manhattan lifestyle after a series of disastrous events, which are retold through comedic flashbacks. Although Jasmine is oblivious to the realities and intentions of others, one has to feel for her knowing the brutal truths behind all the laughs.

The supporting cast, lead by and , is magnificent. I was unaware of Hawkins' previous work, but she nails the role of Ginger, the loyal sister who takes Jasmine in. Cannavale is dynamic as the stylish, working-class Chili who own his lot in life and tries desperately to hang on to what he has. Ginger and Chili are no saints, but like Jasmine, they become lost in their own realities and search for common truth in one another. Cate Blanchett has never looked more beautiful and her character, despite her shortcomings, is clearly attractive to the moneymen of San Francisco. Jasmine meets the suave Dwight () who can immediately return her to a life of luxury if she can only address her past. Another potential suitor is her boss Dr. Flicker () who, in one short moment, makes one sympathize with Jasmine and her stoic yet fragile personality.

Do yourself a favor and see Blue Jasmine. It's a film that deserves a second viewing because it's just that good.

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