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has never been generous with his advance plot details, and having produced a number of movie misses in the past years, we weren't quite sure what to expect with his latest indie outing, Blue Jasmine.

He turned his back on comedy again for this flick, which follows as a mentally unstable pampered wife who loses it all. And thankfully, for those of hoping that Allen's powers are merely fluctuating (not in terminal decline), the movie looks set to re-establish Allen as the great director that he is... Well, the man has released at least one movie every year since 1982, so there was always going to be some duds in the mix.

Back on form, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Blue Jasmine looks like it will mark Allen's most assured and affecting work in years, as the movie is earning fantastic praise, has already grossed $2.5 million from just 119 locations and looks set to become another Midnight in Paris-type hit. What's more, the movie has reached the number 11 at the dizzy heights of the box office chart.

So, with more than 100 writing and directing credits under his belt over a 60 year career, it doesn't look as though this senior citizen is about to retire anytime soon.

Did you catch Woody's latest, Blue Jasmine, in the theater? If so, let me know what you thought of it, in the comment section below!


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