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As anyone who's played Warcraft knows, killing critters and wandering around Stormwind kind of gets a bit boring after a while. Perhaps that's why Blizzard decided to team up with Legendary Pictures to release a live-action World of Warcraft movie.

The WoW movie had a bit of a rocky start. was originally attached to the project, however he eventually logged out after his vision for the movie failed to appease the Blizzard bosses. Now the Source Code and Moon director is giving it a go. From the sounds of things he's already done better than his predecessors, as WoW finally has a date to begin filming.

Charles Roven, a producer on the project, told /Film:

First quarter 2014 we’re going to shoot that movie. We’re moving forward; obviously Legendary is making that film and I’m having a great time with Duncan.

With filming commencing in early 2014, I think we can probably expect to see a finished product sometime in 2015. Also, with ComicCon just around the corner, I wouldn't be surprised if we get a bunch of castings, news and probably promotional game tie-ins.

What do you think? Was you hoping this game adaptation would never be made, or are you happy the ball has finally started rolling? Give me your insight below.


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